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Best April Walter Poems

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Blemishes I see upon my body
Destroying my own temple
Could it be that simple

Damned to dream
and not sleep
As so it seem
and soon I will reap

From my own hands the cuts
Showing the pain in my soul
Tarnished it would be
if it was up to me
Unable to separate from what you see

My mind waiting for the day
I could leave as me
All my flaws already known and shown
Could this be green with envy

Head down
with nothing to say
No ones perfect
Imperfection he seeks
the down and out
He would show peace

Copyright © April Walter Skyy | Year Posted 2015

Details | April Walter Poem

Hidden Secrets

Once upon a time a "Beauty Flies". Wings shining bright against the moon light.
She took flight but... unknown to her it was a spider waiting for her, with its "Web" already made.
Before she knew it that is where she laid.
Angry at first she fought to get loose. 
Soon her strength started to fade.
Discourage sadness sat down beside her.
Beauty there is no hope of escape Sadness spoke.
Hold your tongue Sadness because here comes my "Love Lost".
Beauty became happy again so Sadness faded away.
"Love Lost" knelt in front of Beauty and said if you take my hand you will be free.
Just believe and see.
Beauty hesitated at first then reached her hand out to "Love Lost".
When their hands touched the "Web" around Beauty melted away.
Free from her captive she embraced "Love Lost" and they flew away together.
Unknown to Beauty and "Love Lost" when they flew away the spider that sat on the tree beside the "Web" hiding turned into Cupid and smiled and flew away to wait for another day. 

Copyright © April Walter Skyy | Year Posted 2016

Details | April Walter Poem

Ready for Love

I've loved you for awhile.
I know now I can share my heart with you.
You have proved to me that I can trust you with it.
Can you help me put it back together again?
All i ask is for you to handle it with care because it is fragile.
So here it is my heart open but broken.
Ready for you love.

Copyright © April Walter Skyy | Year Posted 2012

Details | April Walter Poem

Addiction Two Sided

       I can still hear you calling my name.
          but... I can hear you with both ears now
One side calling me telling me you would always still be here for me if I just give in and the other side is telling me I can have all my interment desires that I crave so much for but...
            I know both are one
         I decided along time ago I would put a leash on myself with no other intention but to find the one who would be able to take it off and replace it with something more precious. 
          I remember when I gave into the one that was there for me when I was down. I could and would find the other that I desired and... now I do not want either if that means given up my soul.
        So I will wait patiently for what I truly desire
                 With all my Love waiting

Copyright © April Walter Skyy | Year Posted 2015

Details | April Walter Poem

Absence of Color

Up and down motion
  waved in
Looking right into the mouth of sin
  Hands down
looking around town
  for the one who would love me for me
then the we can begin
  Damned to be in a world
of selfishness,
and betrayal
  The veil that blankets me
only he can tell
  Shaded with the absence of color
Beautiful I am
  but... still the rainbow I seek
The remembrance of the destruction of the weak
  Meek I am
just like a baby
  Hoping one day he would save me
Save me from damnation and segregation  

Copyright © April Walter Skyy | Year Posted 2015

Details | April Walter Poem

Irony of Being Me

The irony of being me
still wanting to see
What my self worth
could be
Destruction stands in my way
Feeling like my body would soon decay
To my dismay
but.. still I stay
Standing alone in the mist of the fight
I know I can,
I know I might, freedom I do stare in your face
Pleading my case
knowing this is a race
I can't help but pace
Hoping one day you would re-store me
whole again is what I seek
If I could have just one peek into the future
I would seek
Hoping one day you would re-store me

Copyright © April Walter Skyy | Year Posted 2015

Details | April Walter Poem

Trying Something New

                                  How about That

I can see you looking at me.
How about that.
Sitting there thinking about what;
you thought couldn't be.

Tailored into what is right in front of your face.
But... what to do
With different shades of blue.
How about that

Crying tends to make the color gray.
Now what do you say?
without the rays of the rainbow shining though.
How about that

Venturing into different territories,
or should I say laboratories.
Looking into the hour glass,
seeing you sitting there looking at me.
How about that.

Copyright © April Walter Skyy | Year Posted 2015

Details | April Walter Poem

The Valley of The Shadow of Death

    I could feel the things that surrounded me before I could see them.
      Things that laid and awaited me in the shadows.
        They laid there in silence pulling and tugging me trying to beat and get me down.
           I was tested...
               They allured me to them with all the glitters of life but... without striff  
                  Then I started to see the things that was once in the meadows appear in the shadows.
                       Love turned into hate
                          Joy turned into pain
       Destroying everything I thought would be gained.
            Then without warning a hand appeared and a soft voice followed and said have no fear you have no arrears and delivered me into the morning.
              At that moment I was shown I never was alone.

                                                                                        Dedicated to my Mother
                                                                                           who also titled this 
                                                                                                poem even before
                                                                                                    it was written

Copyright © April Walter Skyy | Year Posted 2015

Details | April Walter Poem

Guardian Angel

The road I walked alone was long and lonely.
  I could hear the rumbling of something.
Then one thought of something  when I was just a child gave me strength.
  It was the angel that lead me to him.
My first love.
  Then over the rumbling I heard the sweetest voice I had ever heard 
but... it was a familiar.
   I knew then I was not alone and I never would be.
He has been there unknown to me.
   Just waiting until my weakest  moment to let me know he would be there 
when I needed him.

Copyright © April Walter Skyy | Year Posted 2015

Details | April Walter Poem

Hurricane Sandy

She was tropical.
Moving closer to home,
The warmth she felt from where she was coming from.
The coolness that met her made her angry and sad at the same tiime.
She knew our weakness and used it to her advantage and caused much pain when she came.
Crying, she brought the rain that came crashing down into the water in the ocean,
Which then crashed into the oceans floor.
Then the winds came with her, blowing hard she moved everything that was in her way.
Her anger and sadness was known to all.
Then we felt like we couldn't repair what was broken.
All we could do was wait for her to pass.

Copyright © April Walter Skyy | Year Posted 2012