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Details | Bernard Wachira Poem


This soul was dying and crashing,
But she gave me a breath of life.
She whispered beautiful words of life,
That rejuvenated the strength within.
I started to feel the life within me rise,
And made me feel alive again.

With the breath of life I rose again,
And the petals of my life blossomed.
Once more I felt the warmth of love,
Melting down my once cold heart,
Into a warm heart that can hold love.
It is a good feeling of happiness,
That makes this heart make a beat.

In the shadow of my own loneliness, 
Life was as dark as a dark night is. 
The sun in my life had never set,
And the moonlight was never bright,
To light up the world around me,
Until she gave me a breath of life,
That filled my heart with love.

She is coming from the far horizon,
But I can smell the smell of her perfume.
With her majestic move I hear her steps,
And my heart is beating in expectancy,
With every step she makes closer.
My hands are widening up for her,
Ready to hold her in my arms of love.

Copyright © BERNARD WACHIRA | Year Posted 2012

Details | Bernard Wachira Poem


In time my head will stop turning,
My dreams will become a reality,
These rocks I see blocking my view,
Will become my bars of gold.
My name will be inscribed in stones,
Like the commandments for generations,
One day in time my future will come.

In time my blurry vision will clear,
My name will fill the books of history,
Standing tall in the hall of fame,
Side by side with the giants of the past.
When it happens I will be smiling,
Even in death my legacy will live,
One day in time my future will come.

You made it yesterday, you moved a spot,
The gap you left I am going to fill it.
Don’t look at me in the eye and pity me,
For even if you are one step ahead,
My destiny may come calling in smiles.
A new window and a chapter will open,
For one day in time my future will come.

Am not the tallest guy you see around?
And I am not your regular guy either.
I may not be clever or the smartest guy,
But I got brain that think what you doesn’t.
I fall day after day I pick myself up,
Stronger I stand picking every piece,
For one day in time my future will come.

Bernard Wachira
Copyright reserved
Email : benniekings72@yahoo.com

Copyright © BERNARD WACHIRA | Year Posted 2014

Details | Bernard Wachira Poem


Like a small kid my playful nature shows,
Always in the play ground in endless play,
Through the eye of a child I could see,
The world which want play with me.
Everyone wants to hold me in their laps,
Sing me a lullaby to get me to sleep,
A sleep well deserved in the afternoon.
In another reality the world is different,
When it turns against me and hurts me.

Every day I wake up in a fresh day,
With my mum around to bathe me.
My father lifts me up and smiles,
And toss me around as I wiggle.
I laugh, laugh, laugh and laugh,
Until my limbs run dry for laughter.
In my young life I see roses of life,
Blossom before my very eyes,
Yet at time they are turned to thorns.

Every day to me is a day of innocence,
But the same world which makes me laughs,
Makes me cry in pain it inflicts on me.
My innocence has been taken from me
And my body has been abused
I have never done wrong to the world
But am in a jungle full of carnivores,
Carnivores which want to eat me alive

Listen to my voice in the desert crying,
Reaching out to whoever can listen,
It’s a faint voice of a deserted soul,
And the vultures ready to devour on me.
Am young but my eyes has seen a lot,
More than they can tell or say.
Who can dry the tears I shed every day
And take all the pains that is killing me

Copyright © BERNARD WACHIRA | Year Posted 2012

Details | Bernard Wachira Poem


Like a rose flower your face blossoms
Across your face in a beautiful smile.
In the dreams you come again and again
And in reality you move my heart.
I closed my heart more than once,
But you found a way to open the door.
It is your love that keeps it going,
And in every heart beat memories lingers.

With each breath of life I live for you,
With every strength I guard your love,
To keep it safe in my heart forever.
In the light of the moment I grasp,
For the little chance to make you happy.
It is your love that matters my love,
Even when the world turns against me,
To crucify me and leave me dead,
You make my life a smiling joy.

My love, my hope and my joyous tune,
Is all am singing with a smiling heart,
As I ponder about the greatest love,
Which makes my colorful world turn,
Taking me on a journey to tomorrow,
Where my destiny leads me to love,
That opens a brighter window of hope,
And a melodious tune of a love ballad.

Every day I swim in a pool of love,
Waking up from a night of better sleep,
Dreaming the dreams of a wonder queen,
A queen who’s glitters shine like diamonds,
Holding my hand walking side by side.
In a forest with colorful flowers like roses.
I pluck one and hands it to her,
As I get lost in sweet kisses of an angel,
After an emotional moment on my knees,
Asking my queen, will you marry me?


Copyright © BERNARD WACHIRA | Year Posted 2014

Details | Bernard Wachira Poem


I said goodbye to you in a dream,
But in reality I had to walk away.
This love was like an elusive bar of gold,
I was trying to hold in my hands.
Memories and a shadow of my love,
Is what I am trying to hold on to,
To have the feel of you close again.
To me your love is like the fog and the mist,
That I am trying to grab with my hands.
I see you disappear into the dark night,
But in the horizon I see a love sign in red.
When I try to get closer and closer to it,
The horizons seems to move far and far,
It is like I am chasing my own shadow 

If I had to travel to space and get you a star,
I would have gone and plucked one for you.
To me I have tried to live my sweet dream,
But the dream was over before starting.
Every morning was a morning of hope,
But the elusive love dwindled with hopes,
And brought pain to my tender heart

I felt a faint heartbeat of a broken heart,
Crying tears of a love it never had. 
Moment after moment, day after day,
Wishing you only gave it a drop of your love.
Just like heaven and earth can never meet
So is our hearts never got together as one.
For your elusive love kept fading away,
Just when I thought I was getting closer.

Copyright © BERNARD WACHIRA | Year Posted 2012

Details | Bernard Wachira Poem


With the sound of music playing,
My body opens to new wave of beat,
I feel my heart beat the tune in the song,
And my ears get the rhythm down to core.

The sound of water flow in the fall,
The serene site of beautiful flowers,
And the bees buzz feeling the air,
Sends a relaxing bliss down my spine.

Deep down in the forest the birds chirp,
Butterflies flying in beautiful colors,
With the green glass and tall trees,
And fresh air with a smooth breeze,
Connecting with my inner soul,
Bringing with it much needed peace.

In the jungle deep in the red woods,
Chimps sound jumping from tree to tree,
Leaves falling on my head,
Brings with it a feeling of connecting souls.

Copyright © BERNARD WACHIRA | Year Posted 2012

Details | Bernard Wachira Poem


Deep in the forest they walk in pairs,
Wearing uniforms guns in their hands,
They follow a family of jumbos engulfed,
In whispers as they follow the trails,
While their commander gives instruction.
In a moment they turn to respond,
As poachers engage them in a shootout
For this is the spirit of a hero.

Within them their strength unites them,
Their believe and sense of freedom shows,
Freedom to save and free the species,
For the good and benefit of the generations,
Comes into reality of every one of them,
As they fight to save the amazing creature,
For this is the spirit of a hero.

Every night from the comforts of the bed,
Deep in the rainy forest the rangers walk,
Watching out without a single blink,
Not wanting to waste a minute or a second.
They pass through the quiet jungle, 
With intervals of animals sounds and sight,
High in spirit they do not show fear,
For this is the spirit of a hero.

In all this they lose their lives in a battle,
While keeping the spirit of conservation high,
They watch as their own fight to the end,
But being the hero’s they are they continue.
I pay tribute to all my fellow true heroes,
For in what they believed in they fought,
In nature and animals they sweared to protect,
For this is the spirit of a hero.

Email: benniekings72@yahoo.com
Tel: +2540707472370

Copyright © BERNARD WACHIRA | Year Posted 2014

Details | Bernard Wachira Poem


Around the world the world go round,
For everyone to see and live a life.
They say every man for himself,
But I say everyman for everyone.
Today is not like tomorrow will be,
For today is the day I’ve been granted,
And tomorrow I am yet to have,

I paint my house in different colors,
And I see the beauty I have created.
I paint my heart in bright colors
To make it attractive to whoever see
But one thing I forget when I paint
Is that my beauty is not the beauty
That everyone else sees and admire

Time and again am reminded of me,
When I forget where I come from,
So I can I remember where am going to.
I see the world and see it spin around,
Like the universe spin around he orbit.
With this I always know who I am
And the reason God gave me this life.

The colors, my beauty and my house
Are all the vessels to take me closer
To God who makes the world go round
And tells humanity of who to please
Because it hard to please everyone
But it is better to please God alone
Than to please millions who will turn
And crucify you, despise and leave you

Copyright © BERNARD WACHIRA | Year Posted 2012

Details | Bernard Wachira Poem


Thousand words cannot praise,
Million hugs showing gladness,
A gift for the hero I will raise,
No word can describe her zeal,
My unsung hero I hope to praise,
Strength to strength she grows,
A woman my hero she rise high.

Woman strength is unmatched,
From dawn to dusk her tenderness,
Love that raises many generations,
In the lands tilling she never tires,
Raising children alone she fights,
Struggles, her dreams benefits more,
Yet my hero they never sing about.

Pains she bears for her love,
A protector she is a fighter,
A worrier wining all battles,
A queen she stands to protect,
A mother she natures with love,
Standing tall even when deserted,
A conqueror my true hero I praise.

In honor of mothers of the world,
Sisters we never care to celebrate,
Street mothers we abuse and refuse,
Young girls we subject to cruelty,
Traditions a weapon to weaken,
Let’s fight the evils in societies,
Grow strong generations of women.

Copyright © BERNARD WACHIRA | Year Posted 2015

Details | Bernard Wachira Poem



Everything never made sense 
My purpose and will was gone
 It was my shell walking.
Walking with thoughts in my mind
I was lifeless and life within me gone,
Gone away with the moment,
Moments of shattered dreams
And a weeping soul in the dark.

Times like that I wished I was gone,
Gone to escape my painful reality,
A reality that my life was now gone.
I wallowed in my loneliness and tears,
Every night spending it awake,
Not even a pinch of a sleep came.
Sitting down wishing I don’t sleep,
For I feared I might sleep forever.

I was confused and crashing inside,
Crashing never to rise again,
Never to rise again from the dust.
I was not even a shadow of myself,
I didn’t even know who I was anymore,
But now I can feel I am alive,
Because God gave me hope again,
That’s why I want to thank him.

I wanted to rise up again but I could not,
I was in a fix and scared for my life.
Oh lord of lords I need you to know,
Am grateful for your mercies.
You saved me from the man I was,
A man who did not know himself,
Who he was and his own shadow,
That’s why I want to thank you.

Copyright © BERNARD WACHIRA | Year Posted 2012