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Choice Words

Write words
that will be scraped
into a stone
by a rebellious kid
who refused
to be owned
Write words
that will make
a hopeless sinner
never feel alone
Write words 
that will move
a homeless man
from a shelter seat 
to a throne
Write words
that will tattoo
the answers
to your soul
about the questions
of the future
that is unknown

Copyright © chris lane | Year Posted 2012

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Homeless Words

I see beautiful words
homeless and needing a hand
I reach for my pad and pen
these times are tough
my choice of words are thin
Perhaps they choose me
tell me exactly what to say
These words we help
they also help us
they inspire us everyday

Copyright © chris lane | Year Posted 2012

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Reality Fraud

Starting to question 
if reality is real
Society seated in a medicine cabinet
so nobody has to feel

The world has convinced the truth to lie
Manufactured tears produced
so no one has to cry
Everyone banking off yesterday's credit
so nobody has to go out and try

Walking plastic seems to be fine
Cowards choosing surgery
to put in a spine

I stay real and continue to live
You sold out  
and refused to give

Copyright © chris lane | Year Posted 2012

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I know Monday

I know Monday
I walked through your door
to see what you had in store

Everything they say about you is true
Your the movie trailer
for what the week will preview

You seem alone and brave
The weekend will hide
behind you and wave

Here we are again my friend
After today the rest of the week 
will start to descend

Perfect description of you 
is Blue in color
with a touch of Grey
I know you.....
I know Monday

Copyright © chris lane | Year Posted 2012

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Love is a Shotgun

Not the gun
sounds of hearts
engaged in battle
not having fun

Shells litter the ground
love is a hidden treasure
packed with ammunition
better off not found

Love is war
relationship gunfight
loaded with fools
smoking barrels
blinded eyesight

Love is never done
Love bleeds loud
Love will run
Love will kill 
Love is a shotgun

Copyright © chris lane | Year Posted 2012

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I believe Butterflies are the buffer
between heaven and earth
Just like the transformation
of a catepillar to a Butterfly
People often experience 
the same kind of rebirth

The Butterfly uses it's wings 
to paint as they fly
Communicating through absract art 
on the canvas of the sky

The flight of the Butterfly
could be determined
by what you have done
The signal sent down 
from the heavens
through the transmission
of the sun

Maybe Butterflies stay around
to keep a close eye
Acting as cab to the afterlife
for when you die

Copyright © chris lane | Year Posted 2012

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It's okay

My mind is cluttered
Thoughts are spilling over
My pen is a drunk
But my words are sober

Paper wiped clean
with a dirty eraser
I'm putting down raw emotions
straight without a chaser

I'm learning me
In small
small swipes
between the blue lines

My poems are not 
always full of sunshine
but that's okay
that's what makes 
them mine

Copyright © chris lane | Year Posted 2013

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Looking for a Hero

Look closely
You can see the shadow of the sun
Hiding behind the moon
The world seems out of focus
Listen to the wind
Singing through the trees
As it plays an untimely tune

People everywhere falling apart 
And breathing out decline
Desperately searching for a rescue sign
Super heroes are made mortal
While standing in the unemployment line

Unanswered tears from heaven
Pollute the atmosphere
People praying for miracles 
But unwiling to change 
Because of discomfort and fear

Stop looking for a Hero
To pop out of someones suitcase
We need to learn to embrace
The people who can change the world
The one you see in the mirror
The familiar face

Copyright © chris lane | Year Posted 2012

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Sometimes I feel like the devil
With Angel wings
I migrate towards evil
While flying over all the good things

I was packaged and sealed very tightly
When I was born
Only to have flaws in my armour
That were pre-existing and torn

Maybe I represent 
Both good and bad
Perhaps I could sell you happiness
While wearing a suit made of sad

I contradict everything in many ways
I see clearly at night
And dream during the day

I'm held together in rubble
By the debris from love and hate
I'm the ugliest masterpiece ever made
I'm the light 
That shines dark
The one that never fades

Copyright © chris lane | Year Posted 2012

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Nights alone...
I mean in my mind
Well, even that place is crowded
and sometimes very difficult to find

My favorite time...
I mean pretending to ignore
all the concerts of talk
Turning exercise into therapy
in my head, as I go for a walk

Finally some solitude...
I mean having the ability
to manipulate my thoughts
so that I can abandon my post
To escape life,work,and people
Separating myself
like a fleeing spirit or ghost

Copyright © chris lane | Year Posted 2012