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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Yesterday I was a baby on the farm
Precious being held in Mommy’s arms
Yesterday I said I was Daddy’s “kecaw”
And, smiling, I was my mother’s “doll”

Yesterday I was a little girl playing
Out in the grass where my dog was staying
We – he and I – would share the precious moments
The brown Collie-Spitz dog would follow where I went

Yesterday I played with my brother at night
In the clover with lightning bug’s flashing lights
Placing them in a jar with hole punched in lid
Watching them flash their mystery that was hid

Yesterday I watched as the men cut the hay
Piling stacks during the high heat of the day
The men would work hard but laugh with happiness
Sweating as they went about their busy-ness

Yesterday I picked big, juicy blackberries 
While June bugs buzzed around my head all merry
O’er in the field far out of sight time I’d spend
As Goldenrod and Queen Ann’s Lace waved in the wind—

Yesterday farmer’s gathered to share work
While wives prepared steaming hot meals with no shirk
Tobacco cutting was hard labor to yield
Tobacco in barn meant money from the fields

Yesterday just before twilight fell to earth
Little sister and I walked through fields with mirth
We brought the cows to the barn as our habit
We laughed and sang as our dog chased the rabbits

O’er in western sky where dreams lie far away
The brilliance of gold and red were quietly sprayed
God’s had dipped His paintbrush into His vast supply
Displaying His beauty in love not denied

Yesterday’s chores were laborious and hard
Without fancy motors or pollutants to mar,
But with Betty and Billy pulling the implements
Somehow their nearness gave natural presence

Yesterday I became a young girl tall and skinny
Old enough to do chores and there were many;
Carried three buckets of water for the night
All day I starched and ironed clothes to look just right

Yesterday within my minds’ eye sees the past
It s’ amazing how bits and pieces seem to last
Good and painful surface then regress
Down life’s road whenever -- wherever; I’m blessed

Today’s tomorrow will become yesterday
Stacked days upon days filed deep and far away
Stored within recesses of God’s fine array—
There for retrieval in tomorrow’s someday

               -Evelyn Pearl (Carpenter) Anderson               

Note:  “kecaw” was cushaw.

Copyright © E. Pearl Anderson | Year Posted 2013

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I fly on wing of song.
Twenty-three miles out of Atlanta
soaring like an eagle traveling from DC
thirty-six thousand miles high
Fly, fly away
Through the blue hues of morning
white fluffiness lie below towards earth
puffy white and gray cotton-like softness
gently moving on windsong
feeling like a Welsh princess 
watching o’er her universe.
I see the world through a rectangle
looking out over the airplane’s wing
reaching outward and upward.
Soaring like hope
Moving like faith
Solid span of charity
Humming motor onward bound joyful sound
A higher plane than I have found;
Lord, plant my feet on higher ground
wind under my winged sails 
I’m pressing on the upward way.
Arrows painted on wingspan
pointing left as we travel right
viewing “safety line attach point” 
feeling secure way up here
three flapjacks adjusting the wind flow
reminding of Father, Son and Holy Spirit
pouring through keeping my soul.
Upward outward incline
continuous motion held by metal strength
while thin white clouds pass by.
Heaven’s sky still far far away
no matter how far up one gets God is farther still
beyond the blue somewhere higher. 
Sitting assured as my mind presses on—
landing soon will come 
back to earth world
where I belong.
@2011 – Evelyn Pearl Carpenter Anderson

Copyright © E. Pearl Anderson | Year Posted 2011

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Interlude with Ana Luisa

I hold you closely in my arms
I feel your soft breathing within
While little curls touch my skin—
Soft brownish gold under my chin
I hold you near my little charm

Together we look to the sky
Counting the stars; one, two, three, four;
You sit quietly admiring more
And, I know what I am here for
Bonding, my granddaughter and I

You dance your way into my heart—
Singing angelic tunes, you ruled
Turning simple into jewels
Winding joy onto my heart-spool;
I hold you closely – soon we’ll part

@2011 – Evelyn Pearl Carpenter Anderson

Copyright © E. Pearl Anderson | Year Posted 2011

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The years have rolled by
Hours into days; days into months
Continuous rotation from soft sunrises
To brilliant sunsets on the western horizon
On and on year upon year
Until this tall, slender, white female
Has become an elder, a senior citizen
Or, an old woman; I prefer an elder lady—
With pace slowing from a cheetah to a kitty cat
But, with mental acuity sharp as a razor;
Though the thought processes have changed
From policy and procedure to poetry and prose –
“The purposes is to identify” becomes
‘Love likened to soft velvet”
I’m glad God stopped me from working and said,
“This is what I want you to do now.”
Oh, that my tongue was that of a skilled writer* 
Or, that my hand could express what my heart thinks,
How blessed to look at life retrospectively
And see life’s puzzle gradually coming in place
But, still have the sweet wonderment 
Of what is yet to be while inhaling the present;
An elder lady with lifetime developed refinement
Combined with a sense of contentment
It is better to be settled in later years
Than the flitting from hither to the yon
Of youth scrambling for meaningfulness 
Though that is not true for all youth or all elders;
Searching in crooks and crannies
Wiping away the cobwebs of life
Looking for what may have been or
Ridding the what was and won’t go away
Rainbows, sunrises, sunsets, gentle rains
Add visual flavor and meaning
As the tall and slender becomes bent
And hair turns to silver—
Children rise up to call their mother blessed;**
Sunrise to sunset day upon day
Continually rotating in God’s beauty
From dawn to dusk until eternity
                        -Evelyn Pearl C. Anderson -2015
* Psalm 45:1 
**Proverbs 31:28

Copyright © E. Pearl Anderson | Year Posted 2015

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How am I to Live

I praise You the great Triune God:
 the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
who was; who is; and who will be
forever and ever through the ends of the earth
Your heritage is beyond measured time
The earth formless, void with darkness
You moved over the surface of the deep

Larger than time or space
Yet, gentle as a little lamb.
You’re the color of sunshine’s radiance
of twilights last gleam of reds and gold
of the rainbow arching from horizon to horizon.
I see you in the mighty ocean and the lady bug beetle
I feel your presence as the wind blows softly
Or when the spray of waterfall kisses my face

You walk in the world; the world does not see
You tell mankind how to walk
	“He has told you, O mortal, what is good;
	  And what does the Lord require of you
	But to do justice, and to love kindness,
	And to walk humbly with your God?”
But, how am I to live?

I praise you Lord Jesus
You came and walked healed taught and loved
You bore the sins of mankind
Your shoulders heavy with the weight of generations
From alpha to omega
You died that I might live forever;
But, how I am to live?

I praise you Holy Spirit
You came down as Jesus the Son ascended
You live within me because I believe
The Lord Jesus Christ is my Savior
Sweet Holy Spirit stay here with me
Empower and enable me to know;
How am I to live?

Open my eyes that I may see
Those hungry -- physically and spiritually help me
Those thirsty -- a simple drink to quench their thirst
Those naked – my closet is full
Those in prison – but, there are so many who are different
Those who are sick –a kind visit touch of hand a smile
May they see glimpses of you in me

I praise you God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit 
King of king Lord of lords
The Yahweh of history
Ever-present ever-powerful everlasting
I am but a speck in your grandeur;
Yet, you guide me and show me
How I am to live.

Micah 6:8

Copyright © E. Pearl Anderson | Year Posted 2011

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Looking for Nancy Emily

Unhooking the chain 
I opened the rusty gates
to Olive Branch Cemetery
Hallowed ground of yesteryear
Peaceful as the name sounds.
There is a place of comfort sweet
Near to the heart of God
A place where we our Savior meet
Near to the heart of God
Like a white butterfly fluttering from 
One headstone to another headstone
where sweet clover blossoms rested their heads
protecting the ancestors of long ago—
Stopping by each one 
I gently touch and wonder
Standing on rolling hills of countryside
Six-foot tall or five-foot short
giants of the soil
English honest proud
farmers tilling the land 
children by their side helping
with French heritage mother 
 who listened to the tears,
cooked meals, washed clothes
lesser than the men but carried on.
Walking in time  thinking, then
      Seeing it!
I lifted up Nancy Emily’s initialed stone
N E P lying on the ground 
young farm girl no state aid 
rocking her baby boy
For when my heart is troubled, filled with fear,
Jesus whispers peace
Young lad gladdening saddened family hearts.
I wonder her pain kept a secret
Until descendants began to unearth
digging deeper than her simple grave

Nancy Emily, rest well knowing
your descendants are bright and fruitful
healing the sick 
      teaching children 
           keeping the law
    at home and afar raising children to become.
Whispering hope, O how welcome thy voice,
Making my heart in its sorrows rejoice
Oh! Family of long ago
toiling planting reaping caring
lying now on former fields
with mottled stones announcing your place.
N E P stands upright.
Feeling like a mighty oak tree 
faithful and fulfilled,
I leave
fastening tight the rusty gates—
past secured for future

Copyright © E. Pearl Anderson | Year Posted 2011

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Spectrum of Healing Touches

This tanned wee white child of Welsh-English
With a bit of American Indian flowing 
like a creek running through the meadow;
p-h-y-s-i-o-l-o-g-y spelled out loud
Daddy was proud of his four year-old girl
raven haired, black eyes flashing with pride
feed sack dresses in pretty shades of pinks
the only thing country about me
other than pinto beans corn bread and iced tea.
I grew to be sixty-five inches tall skinny as a rail
committed to serving the Lord as a nurse
I’ll go where you want me to go. Dear Lord
On some far away mission field—
Didn’t know where
Just a dreamin’ and flutterin’ butterfly
Touching one beautiful spot then another
Where He leads me I will follow…
I’ll go with Him thru the garden
Just knew it would be by a hospital someplace.
Mom wanted to be a nurse but wasn’t
maybe she passed on her thoughts like 
a momma bird feeds her young 
bit by bit each day until full growth taken place.

Finally I was a grown up Registered Nurse
Running down the halls like a racehorse at times
Taking care of the down and outs or the up and ins
all of them had the same needs whether black or white
man or woman – they all had needs
I walked proud – white in white
Shiny black hair only contrast.
I wanted to be a nurse
crying when crying needed
laughing when laughing came
praying to comfort  or praying to make it through a shift
helping as best I could
to make all better –

Ebony, white, red, brown or yellow
     Mankind’s color wheel
            generation following generation
hurts, healing, sorrow, gladness
                rotating compassionate care
Through the stages
Throughout the ages;
A butterfly touching lives
hushing the cry of a newborn baby 
        Lullaby and Good Night
closing the eyes of the dying
               Near to the heart of God


Copyright © E. Pearl Anderson | Year Posted 2011

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Walking along life’s crooked gardened paths
Becomes more meaningful with time;
First early steps to follow butterflies
In bright sun with cheers to make rhymes
Touching soft pink flowers feels heavenly
Pink shoes; pink ice cream; pink dresses;
Feeling “pink” is great along childhood’s path
Little girls with bows in tresses

Young boys prefer blue on pathway’s palette
Various shades on trucks and sky
While wild animals roam imaginations
This blue pathway soon passes by
Today, I think about these pathways of life—
The blacks and reds of self expression
Those paths wandered into bright new frontiers
Where friends shared deepest confessions

Now I am on a path of reality
One previously untraveled 
Self-made dreams begin to fall all around
Health-related thoughts unraveled
Let pink Roses and blue Wisteria
Border this path with white Hyacinth;
As unfamiliar weeds crowd this pathway—
Meandering through new labyrinth

Copyright © E. Pearl Anderson | Year Posted 2011

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Oh the Wonder

I dreamt, I was a butterfly or was I, a butterfly dreaming
My wingspan was wider than all the other butterflies
Delighted I soared higher and faster
Swooping in and out of lush trees and white fences;
I found the perfect enchanted waterfall
It fell at least sixteen feet splashing on the satiny rocks below—
I sat fascinated 
Balanced on the petals of a fragrant, purple Lilac
the cool mist sprayed my brilliant pink and yellow wings;
This was such an enraptured place
it reminded me of my  far away Wales,
I was totally enthralled as I surveyed my surroundings
Pink and red roses; blue wisteria; white gardenias and jasmines
The aroma nearly overwhelmed me, deliciously intoxicating;
Why, I was so entranced that I nearly fell off the little blossom
That’s when I saw green frog sitting on one of the cool rocks by the stream
His eyes were closed but he was smiling with an occasional croak.
He was captivating to watch;
Perhaps, he was dreaming he was becoming a Prince
Could be as I recall dreaming I was a butterfly—

Oh! The wonder of it all!

   E. Pearl Anderson
   Daydreams and Dreams and Dreams
   July 15, 2011

Copyright © E. Pearl Anderson | Year Posted 2011

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Maggie and Porter

Come meet two of my former patients;
A nursing home room they did share
Maggie was blind; Porter became her eyes
Finding, picking up, helping her

He was kind.  Her mind had slipped - or had it?
"Porter, I lost my comb," said to mate
Frail as he was, under the bed he went
Crawling for Maggie - deliberate

Day in and day out he would meet her needs;
She contrived to keep him near her hand,
Porter this and Porter that - it did seem 
Though they each understood the commands

The nurses would come to help as needed.
Then, on that moring when a stillness
Penetrated the room reverently
Quietly sitting slumped by her bed

No answer; no movement; just sitting there;
Porter dressed for his daily tasks,
He had fallen asleep when breathing ceased
He had given all that was asked

"Porter, Porter, help me," was softly heard
"Porter, Porter, please answer me,
 Porter, Porter, where are you?" asked again.
"Porter's gone.  He loved you, Maggie."

Copyright © E. Pearl Anderson | Year Posted 2012