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Simple Math using Relationships

Negativity isn't something to look for about a person when your soul searching,
People say, "don't look, let it come to you"
How would you find.. if you don't use your eyes to see & your mind to do...
How can you please someone when all your concern with is what they done,
One must see it in them to want to work out a problem then the other Adds on,
Now you two create problem solving, which makes the Sum,
Since there's nothing new under the sun then there's no problem about somebody too hard to overcome,
So when you recognize something like a Difference with them its easier just moving onto the next one,
Why waste your power of humbleness with someone that don't see one PLUS one equals to be a positive not a negative outcome.

Copyright © Kamal Al-Adil | Year Posted 2012

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Black isn't our name its Beautiful

Being black is not just a figure of speech

Its a noun, adj., & knowing when & when not to turn the other cheek

Many pioneers has lived with the mis representation

While some died fighting to end the civil frustrations

Being black isn't as bad as it may look

Our physical properties don't represent the makings of a crook

Our natural elements are sustainability & resilience

Our original nature made us uniquely

Brilliant enough to handle our own responsibilities

Our culture is design to shine bright so that everyone can see

The Afro American culture sets the tone for a concrete society

And need no help to raise our family

just equality

Even with methods that was used to torment us

"We shall overcome" was a phrase that helped boost us

"By any means necessary" we struggled through the turmoil

Once we began to re "know thyself" the bigots of the world started to boil

Then had to recognize our true uniting potentials

They psychologically uses entertainment to convince us

And install hate inside our mental

Through dis associating our past & segregating our class

Degenerating our creative intentions

Re imagining our mind with criminal inscriptions

So Trust

All we got is us

Our ingredients posses spiritual reasons to teach

They figure since we was enslaved & freed

Afro Americans wouldn't know how to reach

We paved the way to preach

So to prove their unintelligent

They dictated our intellectual & spiritual nature by the color of our butts

Pardon my speech

Copyright © Kamal Al-Adil | Year Posted 2012

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African Diaspora

The African Diaspora was when flowers were trapped & caged 

Each day I think and wanted to see them free

I see why... Your African beauty deserves to be picked

I realize that its just a figment of my imagination that their creation is truly magnificent. 

Copyright © Kamal Al-Adil | Year Posted 2013

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Revolution means Bloodshed we are not ready for

Since It's very hard living in these 
days & times

I don't mean pick up a gun & gather 
a group to help you run

A campaign

Must be created & implemented 
with Thought & Education

Unless you rather spend your time 
behind bars in frustration

Without freedom of your own god 
given talents

I'm not trying to say these words to 
draw interest through ballads

I say them to educate to the 
revolutionary thinker

Power is something we all think of

Rarely we realize what it really takes 
to attain

Power with the correct education 
will stabilize & stimulate the brain

Money will rescue you from the 
debts of poverty

Without a strategy to think

The oppressor is waiting for us to 
unite & fight

They have one button tactics that 
will blow us in the blink of an eye 

To supersede

We must revolutionize the mind to 
encourage ourselves away from any 
form of evil

"Revolution means Bloodshed"

So that means we must help socio-

Self encourage a systematic finance 
for our own people

Because we used to have ownership

What we must re create

Is a tactic 

Intelligently revolutionizing  black & 
white people empowerment

Re-developed economic  business 
entreprenuer thinkers

Self created invention & services 

That will annialate the mental & 
physical mass consumption of 
consumer dreamers

Copyright © Kamal Al-Adil | Year Posted 2012

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The Best Creation is Female

What kind of woman are you

Allowing men to mentally control you

To only be seen as a pleasure component

From most men your body is their land or playground for sin

I say land because your body bares tasty fruit men love to eat

No man should use the woman to mistreat or beat

If anything a man should walk a woman in the right direction in the street

Or into a home as his Empress

However many men would rather a good woman settle just as his mistress

I know its not your intent

For a man to play with your mental 

Remember your body is made to be fertile

Worth investing in physiologically

But you allow your mind to be controlled psychologically encouraged by players & pimps

Woman should teach girls to see the real woman outside & conscious personality within

It's hard to understand a woman's excuse for stripping

Using a phrase "it's for college"

Not thinking men visualize showing your female body for dollars is just one of your problems 

We enjoy to treat

But since your beautiful you should demand respect

It doesn't matter what level your living through an intellect

A females beauty has three phases

First its heard through the mouth

Then exemplifies through the personality

Lastly from the bright radiance of your smile & skin

That shines by the sun as a reflects from the face

Always know that your self esteem can always be replaced

With self assurance not insecurity

Know your the center of a mans universe 

Planets circulate around you

If its not true then stay hidden I guarantee men & our world would not know what to do

Copyright © Kamal Al-Adil | Year Posted 2012

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To Gain

To Gain

Means Pain

Non psychical

But mental

To earn is to demonstrate potential

Energy must be calculated

Multiplied with projections

Living to gain is 

A mental erection

That causes one to stand 

Straight up, Hard & Able

What's fascinating about success

Everyone is capable

At least through thought

But the act of gaining

Has more to do with

Motivational talk

But to demonstrate 

The power of obtaining

The act to get up & walk 

To Gain

Copyright © Kamal Al-Adil | Year Posted 2013

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Patience is a Virtue

The safety of a rose with a dozen of choices,
Why stand still and let the love waters get frozen?
When you snooze you lose, your move is like chess it doesn't prosper the fools,
Waiting to long you'll grow old sharing your blues,
Since communication rules the nation we're born to die but not miserable
Your hesitation will only lead to frustration,

Patience is your virtue

Copyright © Kamal Al-Adil | Year Posted 2012

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Time  Evolves

Mind  Changes

Thoughts  Perform

Problems  Divide

People  Manifest

Destiny  Accomplishes

Wisdom  Dominates

Unity  Succeeds

Love  Enhances

Hate  Discourages

Water  Flows

Nerves  Penetrate

Energy  Stimulate

Teacher  Manipulates

Materialism  Depreciates

Opportunity  Fluctuates

Power  Influences

Creativity  Discovers

Emotions  Transitions

Strengths  Prolific

Time  Travels

Books  Motivate

Give  Thanks

Copyright © Kamal Al-Adil | Year Posted 2013

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Rhythm Nation

Rhythm is smooth as the sand rolling on the beach as the wind carries the motion of each

Rhythm is made from an instrument & can play or make magnificent motions by a single touch

From piano strings, to guitar & bass chords while trumpets blowing with birds chirping, drums can get on beat too

When rhythm takes control it also takes concentration

Some will allow rhythm to create their fixation of intellectual crescendos or innuendos

While others have no choice because rhythm will never bring fallacy

That defeats the purpose, rhythm is the birthplace

Of creating stimulated energy full of psychosomatic positivity

Unless negativity gets hold of it 

Using a separated form of activity

Rhythm will still transpire a well verse desire 

No matter the emotional creativity

Every life form develops rhythmic cadence

Humans uses motion while, wind provides the turbulence

Rhythm is a nation using elements to compose the telepathy of eclectic movement

Redesigned by sound

Copyright © Kamal Al-Adil | Year Posted 2012

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LOVE is Cosmic cause it spells with four Letters individually
L meaning longevity for
O meaning Obtusely with
V meaning Virtuosity behind
E meaning Expression
When others give LOVE a different impression 
Its force could either lead or leave you into depression,
Perhaps using it correctly will fulfill you with an erection 
Or leave the ****** to stain an imprint,
The power behind LOVE created is infinite 
Once you believe in love it will show its magnificence,
Perhaps to know LOVE is undiscovered, 
Cause they're many whom live covered 
With a LOVE to hate,
But to teach you what LOVE is can be a huge mistake,
You should learn what it is through faith,
While your fate leans toward a truthful obligation,
Or having LOVE is our mental masturbation,
Because to determine LOVE should be measured through signs,
Using only four words to spell out to mean LOVE last for a very long time.

Copyright © Kamal Al-Adil | Year Posted 2012