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Best Poems Written by Ryland Matthews

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Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow

The way your toes curl when you first wake up, yes I have been there to see this.
The way your nose wrinkles as you start to laugh, to this also I have been witness.
You twirl your hair and click your teeth when deep thoughts keep you guessing
And the way your eyes alight with flame when no longer the answers are vexing
Your lips pucker without thought of a kiss when something to you is amusing
About the crazy ideas that I might be having or a book you might be perusing.

I have seen you in the embers of a raging fire, and on the waves that crash upon the shore
I have heard you in the whisper of a windswept leaf as it dances upon the forest floor
I have felt you within a single drop of rain that nature brings to cleanse the earth
I have tasted no greater flavor than this, the nectar garnered from a true loves birth
I have smelled your beauty within the aroma of jasmine, honey, mint and Cinnamon
I have known you from the dawn of time, the cadence of two hearts abridged as one

And when you go to bed at night for some reason my shirts are more comfortable
Than the many things in the past I bought you that your lips told me were unaffordable.
And I have dried the tears that flowed from your eyes when agony came to break your heart
Your brows would furrow as sleep would take you, tomorrow would bring a brand new start
But regardless of this and nonetheless you snuggle in close and at night you shift your pillow
To the cooler side the place that brings solace on the opposite poll of the weeping willow

Copyright © Ryland Matthews | Year Posted 2010

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A lover Remembered

Writtem By Ryland Joshua Matthews
For Contest: Sentimental Love Letters 
Hosted By Poet: Audrey Carey 
A Lover Remembered

Sometimes I think, sometimes I wander
In my mind I often ponder

Where I would be, what I would do
If God forbid, I ever lost you

No matter how long, no matter the distance
Id travel that road to the end of existence

To feel once again that comforting place
Wrapped in your arms, a loving embrace

There are these things to witch I hold true
The seven great reasons I could never forget you.

The touch of your hand. The slightest caress.
In the heat of your kiss I know I’ve been blessed

Your taste is of honey that is fresh from the comb
Reminding me of solace, the tranquility of home

Your eyes so serene, in comfort I dwell
The moment I saw them, in love with you I fell.

Around you of Jasmine, the smell I remember
Erasing the fear, to you I surrender

The skin of an angel, through my hands I can feel
The unbridled passion, this has to be real.

The waves of your hair, in dark amber it keeps me
Locked at your side is where I truly wish to be

Never more daunted by the shackles of time
To me God gave you, and to you all that is mine

The End

Copyright © Ryland Matthews | Year Posted 2010

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The Last Bastion

In a world decayed by tyrants and greed, Serving the human for the human mans creed. Separation and conflict, the terms we now know Where once The Last Bastion “Hope” used to grow Defensible positions push further the lines Where once the Hearth kept us warm through the times The surety of plenty now fallowed with salt Our Promised Land lays dormant, brought to a halt Successor and Succor were once the lands governed Brought low by obsession, greed is now covered By laws and amendments they do what they will Never giving care to the blood that they spill A spearheaded tactic, to punch through the lies Conviction and reason, the common ones cries To once again see a world of solace and care To take away hatred, and an end to despair So with this, The Last Bastion “Hope” you can see The salt lifted from a land that was once diseased And never more daunted by an endless abyss With “Hope” Comes “Love” and in the end … is “Bliss”

Copyright © Ryland Matthews | Year Posted 2010

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That Old Red Barn

I ran by this thing with haste, that malevolent beast as to school I went
Centered In a beautiful field i never played, because we all knew of the shallow graves.

We never saw them, no one dared to find them, and no one ever even looked
For the other children that were buried there, trust for a child is given by word of mouth.

The rumors grew, as the tulips did in the field that held That Old Red Barn.
A child’s fancy, the minds plaything sometimes given over to the rule of what it thinks must 

Because Jennifer said it, it must be so; I don’t dare to find out the actual truth. I’m not that 
So I leave it alone, this beautiful thing, because the cover does not always tell the story 

If I had given it a second glance and not been so scared that I didn’t notice,
That just beyond the reaches of the trees at its circumference laid a house of golden hue

And in those walls, a grander story than even of that of “That Old Red Barn”
A family of two … now ancient to me spent their time growing corn and raising grain

That would one day come to the table I sat, nourishing me and giving me strength.
Letting me have the energy I need, to quickly run by “That Old Red Barn”
So that I could fly past this place that they built and in their hearts would always treasure
I don’t think that they knew of the fear it instilled all because of one child’s rants

But now that I know and am older now, I look out my front door and see what they mean
This Beautiful Field and “That Old Red Barn” once seemed a curious creature

Full of fear and malevolence, they were too old to invest the time to restore it to splendor
So I purchased from them all this vastness of pleasure, That Beautiful Field, and yes “That 
Old Red Barn”

Written By: Ryland Joshua Matthews
Date: 11/13/2010

Copyright © Ryland Matthews | Year Posted 2010

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I Will Remember

Written by: Ryland Joshua Matthews

I will Remember

I remember when I held you silky skin under my hand
Bearing my heart and making promises, 
All the things that we had planned.

Will one day come to pass, ill be home with you and consider
That never again to leave your side, this vow I will remember

Your auburn hair like a summer’s fire
Springs forth in my heart a new desire

To love you anew and to show you I care
To bring your life hope and no longer despair

In your eyes I see reflections of a futures last breath
A landscape of purity that will never know death

Denying all other things, this above them rings true
That my timeless obsession will always be you.

So understand this as the days light fades to gray
That in your arms is where my heart truly wishes to stay

And as you open your eyes and a new dawn springs through
Open them further and realize that our dreams are all true

As you herald in the beating of a new hearts first cry
The heavens above you open to sing, just look to the sky

Imagine us together, holding hands, two hearts so tender
That all things wrong transformed to right, you, my life, I Will Remember

Copyright © Ryland Matthews | Year Posted 2010

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A Gamers Prayer

A gamers Prayer

Bound by honor we meet
Never knowing who will lead.
Bones quills and tomes we knew
All withheld for the righteous few.
Brave of heart, will of iron
Victors all by wits and steel.
Few dare the path we choose, 
Of those who try, many loose
By word and deed companions all
To win our truth by might or fall.

Copyright © Ryland Matthews | Year Posted 2010

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The Folly of Man

The Folly of Man

Into that great abyss we speak fortunes, wants and frustrations
Seeking that witch can only give us solace to that that never bothers.
A million prayers go out into the night with fear and supplications
Only one eye open, and that half seeing the plan that is our fathers.

We glean the fields of a present day pasture seeing naught but the road ahead
Never looking sideways, to that wich could be. Or back to what has passed
It is the Folly of Man that keeps us building this world from the blood of the dead
Where brick, tile and steel, are forever the molds from witch our children are cast

We need to move forward to a simpler time where things are not complex
When profit does not reign as the bottom line and the dollar is not our savior
To strive for a life where we live freely, without regard to color or sex
When hungry children can catch the breath and hate isn’t normal behavior 

When a gift is again just a gift, and no longer requires an equal requital,
And a compliment given to another isn’t for a personal gain.
When justice is sought and given, and no guilty takes home and acquittal 
And the innocent can live their lives without feeling unwarranted pain

So look to the instructions that he left us, that those, his chosen have penned,
And wander not where you road will lead you, or what your destiny really is
This world we know is fleeting and into eternity we must all ascend
For never has there been a more apparent truth, that all of this is really His.

Copyright © Ryland Matthews | Year Posted 2010

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I would like naught but the chance to glimpse a glimmering shadow upon a sun streaked field, 

To find a place of darkening grace, that brings me to lucidity.
To hold and behold the essence of a thing that only kings had been able to wield.

To go beyond thought and embrace a thing that only Forever could comprehend,
To see within a light’s past and know that darkness had come before.

Skin of jade, and an angels smile,
 the touch of passion that you enfold,
You move like wind, and dance like fire, 
upon this landscape “my heart” you hold
Your thoughts are keeping, my deep secrets meaning, 
to put forth the light that you have shown. 
And in the eyes of umber gleaming, 
I see deep within its meaning, a solace no fable has told, 
so bring forth this, a hearing sacred, voice of resonance no string can fold.
And within this thought of heavens shadow, this ebony thing to me is gold

I have dreamt of you, in the darkest of night, and in the shadows I hear the calling

Darkness glimmers, a breath that shimmers to ring sound true a heart that’s falling

Copyright © Ryland Matthews | Year Posted 2011

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You are my rock, my foundation.
That solid place where I stand.

You are my anchor of hope that I cling
To in my world of shifting sand.

Entrenched in this war that I call my life
Where my mind is not my own.

You brought order to this chaos inside of me 
Where once a nightmare had grown.

Mother is her name, a sacred thing that we take for granted
Every single day.
Mother is her name, no matter the cost or sacrifice
For her children she will pay.

She’s seen loss and she’s seen sorrow
But this is her only care.

To lessen the burden that’s placed on her children
To take the cross they bare.

Mother of one, mother of billions
She feels the pain of every tear.

With the brush of her hand and a smile
She sets aside all of my fear.

I thank you for being that person you are,
That guiding light to me.

No one else has your place in my heart, 
you’re the beacon on the shore I see.

I open my eyes on a new day, and finally know 
Where I belong.

It’s just another blessing you’ve given me
As you taught me right from wrong

Copyright © Ryland Matthews | Year Posted 2010

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My Heart Keeps Beating

Written By: Ryland Joshua Matthews
Date: Thursday, September 9th, 2010

My heart keeps beating

While my body dies, my heart keeps beating
As the world sighs, this heart keeps repeating

A strangled cry, a desolate embrace
Of a flower strewn grave. Of a lover erased.

A dream long ago fulfilled, it no longer lingers
Brought to despair by Thanatos’ brushing fingers

As my feet move me forward, one step at a time
I keep looking back to that witch was mine.

I can’t help but wander what wrath I did incur
To bring me to this place, this pain I must endure

At the precipice of madness my mind will now dwell
The horrors made real, all the ravages of hell.

And in this world what we sew we must go reaping
And even without a soul My Heart Keeps Beating.

Copyright © Ryland Matthews | Year Posted 2010