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It's Midnight on the Erie Canal

It's midnight on the Erie Canal,
And I'm alone,
Going home,
Wood Creaks,
I seek,
To bring,
Unrealistically black sky,
And it's quiet,
Too quiet,
No cliche' intended,
No sound to me is candid,
Upon this water,
As I mutter,
Words that reassure,
My destination has not found me,
And though my fear has not yet bound me,
My nerves are shot,
But fear is not,
An option yet for me,
I must stay strong, 
It won't be long, 
Uncertain though,
But all I know,
Is that it's midnight on the Erie Canal,
And I'm alone, going home.

Copyright © Matthew Chambers | Year Posted 2011

Details | Matthew Chambers Poem

That Kid I saw in Rio

That kid I saw in Rio,
I can’t forget him,
He hung on my arm, amidst overpriced, flashy hotels,
Past the nightclubs and dazzling neon lights,
That draws tourists like flies to a cottage porch light,
The mix of poor and rich, lined the corners and formed the scenery,
In a city of black and white, no shade of gray,
He was following me, but where did he stay?
Was it in the Favela?
His eyes told me it was far away from the twinkle of riches,
His voice spoke of urgent desperation,
Sir, sir, he said, with subtle hope and aspiration….
To see a kinder world, than the one he’s seen so far,
To hope for so much more, to reach up for the stars,
  . …….
Of all the versions of hello, I’ve singed into my mind,
Through all the coasts I’ve moored, and all the docks my ship has lined,
Where body language bridged the gap with those from distant lands,
When the unknown caused uncertain fear  in greeting fellow man,
Amidst the seas that roared as if the hand of God propelled them,
There's that kid I saw in Rio, and I'll be damned if I forget him.

Copyright © Matthew Chambers | Year Posted 2010