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THIRSTY SEA (Slightly Mature Content)

the indelible scent of ecstasy filled their auras
with the fragrance of lovemaking spent and
aroused passion anxious to be tasted then
devoured…skin forged on skin…a magical collaboration
of need satisfying need…moments when love
takes you far beyond reality…no limits…
no borders…nothing refused… your physical surrender
a mere formality as flesh seeks flesh…
frolicking taste-buds unlocking rivers of dreams whose
surge simply washes away the pain of loveless
droughts past …in a heartbeat forever forgotten

all resistance simply ripped away as
flame licks ice as if it were candy… mouths drawn to loins
scented by eucalyptus that once inhaled becomes
unforgettable and forevermore addictive as
the taste of warm summer honey cloaks the soul

the strength of passion is found in its gentleness
the luxury of being touched so deeply…so intimately
your soul is turned inside out…eager to respond
the relentless tongue victoriously plays hide and seek
as a master…once found you beg for the mercy of more
you are never the same again…ever…as if a thirsty
sea lay within your soul and its tide is forever restless
paradise found …over and over…emptiness abandoned
as if a decree by the gods of love…two scents becoming
one..the air you breathe forever shared…the promise of
forever scratched on your skin as if you were a trophy

Irish  ST PADDY'S DAY 2010

Copyright © Michael Poyntz | Year Posted 2010

Details | Michael Poyntz Poem


Tofino Moments
We walked for hours on the windswept beaches of Tofino
new beginnings…our dreams and toes mingling with sand centuries old
a magical sensation of fingertips touching fingertips…for the first time
a yearning to hold you closer...sharing a kiss as gentle as a baby’s belief
taking all of the strength that I have to simply let go of that moment
my inner soul wearing your shadow as if we were one
being here….side by side…just you and I … breath to breath
the lusty moon bids adieu as the morning tide fills the bay
I felt my heart pulled to you as if you were thirsty water

Moments caught in a life complex with the debris of other moments
all of which becoming suddenly meaningless…so easily left behind
their only purpose  to bring us here….to now…do you feel our certainty
is this truly destiny entangling lovers by decree or perhaps default
the sound of your smile etching  a sense of completeness 
upon on the walls of my heart…for the first time in a long…long time..
the second I hold within my hands is all that I seek ..all that I want
with each wave I feel my  very life flowing back into my veins
I loved you at hello…did you know that…it’s true…I loved you at hello


Copyright © Michael Poyntz | Year Posted 2010

Details | Michael Poyntz Poem


Thirsty Water

I should have gone to work today but
your tongue convinced me to come
inside and play with you…to ride our
red rocket ship to the  distant planet of
lust where our sensual sins are instantly 
forgiven and celebrated amidst mute pleas for 
gentle mercy so rightly ignored as a token gesture to 
rationality and begging for more is of course
granted by the Court of No Regrets 

You alone have always held the secret
key that released the chastised prisoner of 
passion  locked deep inside of me your taste 
buds have caressed  every morsel of my
body as if I were an ice cube wrapped 
in honey  much like the oyster swallowed 
whole to tease our ravaged pendulums whose 
demand for thirsty water shall be quenched at 
the moment our tongues mysteriously turn ice cold


Note Author Disclaimer: to my fellow poets....these are just words 
on a piece of paper and an experiment in new 
writing styles/expression for me. Topic is not meant to be 
abusive or disrespectful  to ANY reader. Please note this poem is categorized 
by me in the 'Passion' category of PS.

Copyright © Michael Poyntz | Year Posted 2010

Details | Michael Poyntz Poem

Lonely Weather

Thought that I knew you so well
my heart thought that she
knew you even better
like a change of season
you’ve moved on
twilight comes and lovers go
each brings a change of heartbeats
and it looks like I’m in for
lonely weather

If I thought you would stay
perhaps I would promise to love you more
but it was not me who turned 
and it is you walking away with my heartbeat	
so now you’ve decided to move on
not a real word not even a truthful reason given
I guess reality is coming through
now that your invisible I can finally see
the true colors of you

Fifteen seconds counted out
one second at a time may be all 
that I can handle for a long long time
I went to my knees for you…only you
and you still walked away
could you not feel could you not hear
that I’m now silent and been broken
but these tears are not about you
it is about my lost trust in me

Knowing now that every heartbeat
takes me one breath farther from you
I will pull through for I’m a survivor
time may never erase the empty shadow
left in my heart because of you
I want you to know
       ….   I need you to know
that I don’t do well
in lonely weather


Dedicated to CD on her rainy day!

Copyright © Michael Poyntz | Year Posted 2010

Details | Michael Poyntz Poem


It was the impossible…to bid farewell
life asked too much of me
our lives had changed forever in Rome
you touched me with your smile
like a lightning bolt
I loved you completely at that first moment
I love you now
nothing has ever been
the same for me without you
have you not  felt my heartbeat 
within each sunrise and sunset
dusk to dusk

between a distant echo 
and the  echo within of or lives
I had found and then lost
my one true love
I could never let you go again
mi amoré I ask now to you
to stay by my side forever

my love you are my very soul
every part of your heart
lives within every heartbeat of mine
as surely as each wave in the ocean 
is destined to touch but one shore
we belong together
that which seemed impossible
must now bow down and yield
to destiny’s promise of long ago
our days in the sun
are granted once more
this is the possible
it is you and me


Copyright © Michael Poyntz | Year Posted 2009

Details | Michael Poyntz Poem


It is the impossible…is it you 
I had felt your presence seconds before
the softness of your voice
swept once again across my life’s landscape
harvesting all of the passion that
I have only known, tasted and shared with you
so very long ago...a  lifetime ago
your voice…that sweet warm voice
that once dissolved all of time herself for me
a voice whose soft murmur alone
could strip away any resistance in a heartbeat
to desire...to need...to take and to give
the scent of hunger, passion and timeless moments
loves perfect trilogy…amoré came so easily to us

I used to inhale your perfumed fragrance
as if my very life depended on it 
I held you in my arms through the night
as a stranded man holds belief to his chest
thoughts of your kisses haunt me still
a kiss so staggeringly soft that
its memory alone brings tears to my eyes
and now, a distant echo from a forbidden past
we had said our goodbyes in Italy long ago
and yet the taste of you has lingered
on my lips as if your touch could never end
unimaginable…you can never truly say goodbye
to the one that enfolds your dreams
takes you to your knees…over and over

I turned instinctively to face the imposter
how dare she mimic to perfection
the one true voice of passion in my life
there have been others since
I could never lie to you
but l have loved only you and my love I do 
It is the impossible…it is you


Copyright © Michael Poyntz | Year Posted 2009

Details | Michael Poyntz Poem


There is pain in the city today Lord
tears came with the morning wind 
I’m down on my knees
searching for my brothers and my sisters  
promises of forever changed forever within moments 
let the mercy begin

Dreams of tomorrow are now yesterday’s memories 
families lost with strangers...life lost with  innocence
kiss them softly for they have suffered 
protect them all from harm’s way  
and let them be forever warm 
let the mercy begin

Planes flew in the sky right through to heaven’s gate 
a nations strength resolved from the dust of towers
the price of freedom paid for in full on a country field
fortress warriors taken without quarter 
lay each one of them so softly and gently down 
let the mercy begin

A choir of heroes each one a protector of life
men and  women who answered every plea for help 
brave comrades falling in the flames as many to save the few
let their heartbeats become heaven’s eternal sweet symphony  
allow our lives to be a reflection of their true courage and spirit
let the mercy begin

Our distance apart is now but a breath of time
to find one another…simply reach to the sun 
in the sound of a child’s laughter
and when I yearn for the gentleness of their touch
I will need only to hold a butterfly in my hands 
let the mercy begin

Dedicated to the New York City Fire Department
Written in Chicago, Sept 12th, 2001 

Copyright © Michael Poyntz | Year Posted 2009

Details | Michael Poyntz Poem

Things My Father Taught Me

Things my father taught me
he never wrote down
was not the writing type
tough as nails he was my dad
a word of praise made you feel big as brass 
one glance was quick to cut you down to size
I lied only once to him.. a shame I will take to my grave
years later a disappointment he took to his
that man struggled hard every day
worked his fingers raw to the bone
never heard him ever complain
I learned that your word
at any age is all that a man
truly has to give and that pride
can never be taken from you 
it is something only a fool lets slip away
he never gave or took anything for free 
hugging and such that just was not his way
but when he crawled wearily into his bed late at night
I knew the meaning of a hard days pay
and when that man’s boot's hit the floor 
I knew that the dad I loved....was home


Copyright © Michael Poyntz | Year Posted 2010

Details | Michael Poyntz Poem


Have you ever heard the sound that silence stirs
it is a sound like no other…as if nothing could possibly ever own an echo
a pair of feet going the wrong way on life’s clearly marked paths

Have you ever heard the sound of someone trying not to breath
no air in…no air out…no air out…no air in…no risk…no gain…nothing ventured…or lost
almost as if  life itself enjoys the mockery….no life in…no life out..no winner…no loser

Have you ever heard the sound of someone slipping through the cracks
for one brief second a desperate plea of some sort wrangles your audience
save me….grab me….if you save one person in your life…let it be me….let it be today

Have you ever heard the sound of a whysp wandering idly 
a gentle swish surrounds a moment not quite ready to be more than a tic or a toc
more…more  than what……what can a whysp possibly wish to be…
                                                                        ....listen closely


Copyright © Michael Poyntz | Year Posted 2011

Details | Michael Poyntz Poem



I offer you a vase
to hold the memories of this special season
To fill with coins
to share with those who have none
To fill with dreams
for the days that hopes are hard to find
To fill with the memory of family and friendship
for the days that you are among strangers
To fill with the smell of the sea
for the days that you are called to travel afar
To fill with the belief in magic
for the days you need anything to be possible
To fill with the scent of the evergreen
to remind you of our islands beauty
To fill with strength of your inner soul
for the days that you need to be truly strong
To fill with the generosity of your heart
for the days that you must simply forgive
To fill with sweet memories of good Christmases
for the days you recall ones that were not
To fill with the rhythm of my heartbeat
for the days that you dance within a moonbeam
To fill with the luxury of each days sunrise
for the moments spent with those whom you love


Copyright © Michael Poyntz | Year Posted 2010