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Shadow of the Realms

Shadow in the realms

Moving around and around 
Noticed I reflection of my own 
Even my shadow could feel the sadness 
In my heart 

Seeing the beauty of the realm 
Shadow in my heart 
I ached in pain 
Tears in my eyes 

As I wanted to be 
Lightness in the shadow 
Beauty with brains 
Devil in disguise
And stars in the space 

As I roam around my realm 
There I saw a bird in the cage 
As I free the bird 
It came and sit upon me 

As I was her saviour 
Or she would be deceased
As I roamed she roamed with me 
We became friends who were lonely 

In my realm 
Of shadows and imagination 
I roam around freely 
Without any humans to be found 

This is the realm I created 
My own town 
Kingdom I established
Kingdom of my own 
I’m the owner 
The one and only 
As I live upon

Copyright © Shreeya Dhawal | Year Posted 2022

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Fierce Ocean

Possessed by Land 
In the day of dreams 
Clouds took over 
In the southern sea 

Moving and Moving
Towards the end of the earth
The wheel I held
Hung on to my life

Higher and higher
Grew the waves in ocean
The more it took me
Harder to reach 

Rolled and rolled
Wheels Of Ship
Tripped and tripped
I over and over again

Thought I would lost everything
I had built up so far
The journey to the west
Midst break apart 

Stronger and stronger 
Grew up the storm 
The more and more 
Harder it became to hold on 

There came a wave
So large as a monster
Establishing its fierce power
High amd high as it grew
Showing its anger on us 
More and more 
Grew the fear riding among us 

As the fear struck in 
Wave came down
Taking the Ship away 
I too blew with It 
Far and far away 

There came the end of me 
Of my journey and life 
With my Ship and everything 
My spirit shall never die 

I shall also sink in the ocean 
With my Ship as we go 
Never abandon it as a captain 
And as a leader of the ocean 
Sinking In the sinkhole 
Sinkhole of the vast ocean 
Calling my name upon 
I shall die in the beauty of ocean 

 ~ sheridan_novels 

Copyright © Shreeya Dhawal | Year Posted 2022

Details | Shreeya Dhawal Poem


Ordeal of Demise 

Roaming in the lane 
Lane of demise 
Path full of Spine
Looking in the eyes 

I found demise 
Dead inside 
Falling apart 
Piece by piece 

Ordeals of my life 
Were unpleasant at least
I was all alone 
Glancing at the trees 

Trees which sight 
A Glimpse of joy 
It looked like heaven 
Wind on my face 

But as I realized 
I was stuck in the maze 
Maze of sorrow 
Maze of distress 

I was all alone 
Looking at a mess 
Darkness conquered me 
Who I was ? 

Ordeal of Demise 
Was unpleasant after all
As it come closer 
My days were over 

I fell apart 
Wanting to be sober 
Drunk in melancholy 
Glancing at the moon 

Death took over me 
The curtains fell
My life was not special 
I was alone over and over again.

- Sheridan_novels 

Copyright © Shreeya Dhawal | Year Posted 2023