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damn this is hard

My mirror breaks, I pick up a shard,

But find it bizarre that all I see is nothing but scars, 

My veins filled with black tar, shaking, beaten and starved,

I carve your name to my arm, put the piece to my neck,

And yell GOD! Relieve me this is hard, help me touch the stars,

I have nothing left, I put you in charge, ing help me god,

I am going to do it this time  the bars,

I am going to escape this mental rape, the subliminal face,

All it does is teach me how to drape, get away with my own tape

On how to escape, the only thing I’ll miss is ing your face

And smoking my vape, Damn this is hard.

Say goodbye to all this hate, ing disgrace of a man I was,

Couldn’t even get laid through Myspace or even when I had

My own place, Damn this is hard. Blood on the wall,  on the

Floor, I couldn’t take it any more, put my hands to her throat

Untill she ing croaks, light my blunt take a few tokes and

Watch the smoke provoke the angels coming to take this es

Last ounce of soul that I choked. Damn this is hard.

The seven angels from heaven leave this , her HP is at

11, now the question is how ed up is my depression,

Let me find my weapon to end this obsession, to end my aggression

And start my confession, oh  I’m the deffinition of a phycopath

In submission, Damn this is hard. Nothing more than a lost cause 

Heading down a lost road,  now watch me unload on this hoes face,

Reload, bestowed but the explotion of men screaming in agony 

“ don’t let us in!” sorry boys that it snowed, going beast mode 

On this hoes face, now it’s sewed. Is this what you meant by putting

Back piece by piece? Sewing crease by crease? Reuniting niece by niece?

Sorry mommy I tried, I swear I did. Rhyme after rhyme again but all I 

Could do is crime after crime again, for s sake I feel like a mime

Again getting ready to do time again, Damn this is hard. Please god 

Let this be the last time again. I pick up a shard and see my life again

Nothing but bar after bar, everything is white again, sirens in the back

Chiming in, Voices in my head pondering, making my brain go wondering.

Put the piece to my disease let this black tar race down my white arms,

Yeah thats right make me look like Jack Skellington, drop my board

Do a kickflip look like Eric Ellington, grab a sub and let the CO watch

Me melt again, where this life will go only you will know again.

Damn this is hard, But you know what I felt better under your sweater 

But you kicked me to the curb cause I couldn’t make you wetter, 

Maybe because you smelt like cheddar and you sweat forever, my

Mom never wanted me to wed her,  couldn’t decide between salt

Or pepper, just forget her. She wasn’t very clever she just ed her

Professors, yes master what a ing disaster. Sorry to put you on blast 

But you spoke about my cock like it was as tall as grass maybe that’s why

You finally got slashed,  forget the past, watch as I burn your body into

Ash. At last, this catastrophe has helped me find my chi, has got me on my 

Knees starting to believe. I pick up a shard I put it close to my arm and yell

GOD! You relieved me,  the bars!  the ropes!  the chokes!

This  turned my life into a joke too bad WE had to make her croak, yes, you

And me finally just blood and my disease.

Copyright © Constantinos Dino Doonan | Year Posted 2022