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I love eye-service
A great deal of sycophancy
I am big on people-pleasing
I do eye-service 
To Him whose eyes are ever on me

I love to make Him feel good about me
So I flatter Him with praises 
I honor Him with dances
I sing of His past deeds as if they happen yesterday
I thank Him for what He has not done as if it is already done

I never miss opportunity to impress HIM
I am always all over Him standing, kneeling 
Atimes, I roll all over Him on the ground
Many times I jump up on him like squirrel 
I often weep because of Him for no sad reasons

I never miss opportunity to boast about Him
In my sycophantic eyes, He is above reproach
I can never complain about Him
Because I am his biggest fan; He can do no wrong 
All His ways and words are eternally right in my sycophantic eyes

Because I am His pleaser
I dote over all His published works and theses
I am a collector of everything ever written or said about Him 
I make Him the theme of my songs and poems
His friends are my friends and His enemies, my enemies

I never miss opportunity to show Him off
I drop His name to flaunt my connection with Him
I place Him higher than my loved ones
His ways, I walk, His words, I utter, His kind of life I live
In my sycophantic way, I write Him this poem

He is my God…in whom I live and have my being

Copyright © ifedayo oshin | Year Posted 2011

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To what shall I compare thee
Oh, awesome sprawling masterpiece of nature?
Is it the Sinai of Mosaic Israel
Or the pyramid of Egypt?

Welcome to the end of the world, or is it the beginning?
Where mountains wear crown of splendor
Adorned with shimmering brightness of early morn sun
When heaven’s tip kisses mountain top
With lips of nature in her most pristine, undiluted self
With runaway innocence beyond the earth reproach and corruption
Graceful, bold and gigantically imposing
Its royal robe perfectly cut of
Meadows and greenery tended by the dew of the dawn

Come view the mountains in the cape
Come, and go, cleansed and cured of all impurities
Trapped in its sharp, cold and warm embrace
Come, see the Sinai 
In the west of the black south

Oh! Is it burning smoke or icy cold steam
That engages the cloudy sky at the mountain top? 
Or is it the blazing sun, icy steam and thickly fog in trinitary unison?
A trio in a race of space
Wow! Its dawn at sunrise
The mount stirs and time stand still
 sun submerged, the steamy, smoky fogs lifted
Revealing a golden morn like the first day of creation
Come see another wonder of the world in South Africa
In the fortress expanse of Cape Town
Cape Town, here I am! 
Enthralled, entranced, I am endeared!!!

Copyright © ifedayo oshin | Year Posted 2009

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In the thickets of the forests and grooves
On the paths through the deserts and the wild
Walked in the robe of nobility
The one who defied the wind and tidal wave
Who throned on a mighty white horse
Decked in regalia of a consummate conqueror
A blue-blooded woman that ascended a throne
In the reign of men, under a the glare of a proud race
Her power and dominion beyond the great Elizabeth
Her rule grim and firm than Margaret Thatcher’s
The wind and wave did her bidding at battlefronts
She was ruthless and wise in governance
Her sword thrusted to the sand blood and hearts of men at war
Bent on conquest she knew no defeat
Bu spoils, plunders of warriors, kings and horses
She held court over men of wisdom and age
She dispensed justice with dispassion
She rode home in triumphant sound of trumpets
To the waiting arms of loyal subjects and servants
In the days when women stood in full heights.

Copyright © ifedayo oshin | Year Posted 2005

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Globalization of Poverty and Wealth

how come the global globe of globalization
shine dull and bright in swing of geographical discrimination? 
why do some share gains, count millions of profit
while others whine, wail and wane in forfeit and surfiet? 
why are some roads a thoroughfare
and others cul de sac affair? 
why can you buy so so freely, and sell at will
but many buy very very hard, and hardly can sell? 
what kind of game is it
where one player is a spectator of sort
and another a referee and competing player? 
why do some bear
full portion of pandemics and perdition
while some share larger of limited portion
of all sum of the earth's fortune? 
why do you take their gold for a token
and sell them 'chains' of thousand dollars? 
why take their diamond and oil for mortars
and bullets that mix their cold blood with brown sands? 
why give them a crust of the funds
from wealth, 'UNcommon' which their hands, callused
by centuries of unpaid hard labour, gathered? 

Why? Why? big brother! ! ! why?

Copyright © ifedayo oshin | Year Posted 2006

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If the sun shines
Vicious that the hands could hold its heat
If the wind whirls and wails
Turbulent, with fierceness of rushing water
If it becomes icy cold
That it could freeze the mind
If the sky, sullen and sly
Suddenly wear, without a tear
And the heaven unlatches its showers
Unceasing regardless of the reigning season
If cold and heat engaged
In a no conquest duel
If there are mown meadow mountains
More than human habitat
With hills spreading and sprawling
Sparingly shares expanse of space
If the valleys are fast and vast
Height-locked by conniving hills and mounts
And the plains, plain and plane
Laid bare of thickets and thorns
If you keep ascending and descending
In rhythmical crescendo and decrescendo
If the landscape is strewn
With mingling lily white egrets and sheepish African cows
If summer, winter, spring and autumn
Rolls, in seconds, minutes and hours
If all faces reflect Mandela
And most voices resonate his accent

Then, it is Alice, another wonderland!
The little Xhosa town; the University town of Fort Hare!!
Eastern Cape of the South of Africa

Copyright © ifedayo oshin | Year Posted 2011

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Will Change change?

What will happen to change?
Will change change as all things?
Or will it develop immunity
And embrace hypocrisy?
Will change resist change
And go against its doctrinaire?
Why, will change change not
Should nothing be permanent, even change?
Since change is also a thing.
Our world changes daily by seconds
Our lives in the roller-coaster of time
The noon gives way to the moon
The dawn turns dusk
At intersections of these:
One enters, another exits
One moans, another mourns
One rejoices, one regrets
In the spate and space of time;
A jungle becomes a haven
The oblivious became renowned
Riches become ruins
All on the altar of change

Copyright © ifedayo oshin | Year Posted 2006

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The Rule Of Thoughts: Ideocracy

I have found something
Greater, stronger than democracy
Making every person
An equal player in the game of life
I have found that, that
Wields control where incursion has never made
Beaming white light in the region of blackest darkness
Widening the horizons beyond its marked borders
Rising to peak only years before unattainable
I have found that, which
Conquers fortresses of pervading poverty
Breaking barriers with ease of an effortless breath
I found what and who rules our world
The unseen but felt heat that stirs the pot to steaming hot
The gentle and quiet brooks of immeasurable depth
The strandless strings behind all thrones and seats of power
I have found that, that
Turns the obscured and scorned to cult heroes and heroines
Turning millions jailbreaks from prison of ignorance
Setting them free from captivity of oppression
I have found what rules the world
What demystifies ancient crowns
And humbles the haughty might of men and women of modern powers
I have found it ,that
That comes in a small pack
Wrapped in fragile protective cover of thoughts
In the deepest corner of focused imagination
Delivered by intensity of a burning desire
Sustained to maturity by grid lock of firm actions
I have found the magic wand of greatness
That which makes you and i the beautiful bride of the world
I found among the Wilbur- airplane- brothers
I found it in Albert –inventions- Einstein's workroom and rimmed glasses
In Emeka- modern computer- Emeagwali’s thick black hairs
I saw it lingering on Bill - microsoft - Gate
I found it behind YAHOO, GOOGLE corners
I saw it in YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK pages
I found it in Kanu Nwankwo, Jay jay Okocha’s laces and soles
I found it in Micheal- thriller- Jackson
I found it in Chinua- things fall apart-Achebe
I saw it following Wole – kongi’s harvest- Soyinka
I saw dying with Claude –automobile-Ake
I see it hanging out on you
I feel it in me, i see it in these lines...
I have found IDEA.. the ruler of the universe

Copyright © ifedayo oshin | Year Posted 2008

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You are the morning
Virgin ripe like the full bunch Benin banana
Crystal clear like the revered coastal river
Bright and bold as the Bantu warriors
Resplendent with the radiance of the sun
at first peep from the ozone horizon
you are the one
who shines out my darkness
you the one who turns up
and I am lit me up all inside out

I know who you are
You are the high noon
Drying up my tears
Charging me up with effervescent energies
Scorching drying all my foes

I know who you are
You are the evening
Descending gently
You come and cool your way into my wary soul
Your call forth dance drama
With evening showers
You cll forth the moon
To hold out the impending darkness
You seduce the stars
To shine my soul to glory
And inspire my mind to creativity

You are the night
You prepare me ready
Lulling me with gentle breeze
To  a sleep of sweet dreams

I know who you are
You are my most precious gift
My jewel of value inestimable
You are the love of my life
My inner wheel of strength
The clue to the puzzle of my life
You are my complement

I know who you are
You are the bird of flight
That gives me wings and fly on high
You make me cover mileage in minutes
You give me wide lead among my equals

I know who you are, Olubunkola
You are mine
The human angel
You are my God-sent
My very best next person after me

Copyright © ifedayo oshin | Year Posted 2009

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The Pink Lady with yellow Candle-la-bra

Tell me friend 
How best to paint a woman
Brilliantly colourful and extremely fastidious
Who is an African princess
Blending aggression with femininity
And radiates grace, charm and suppleness
The marks of womanhood
A woman who bathes in array of candlelight
With an usual candour for candle-la-bra
Chatty, cheery, and pardonably cheeky
Materialistic, Modern, and Maiden
Exuberant, Extrovert
Rosy and Rounded 
Opinionated and Opportunistic
Meticulous and 
Annoyingly Anorak
A woman who is gorgeously trendy
A wonderful volunteer, a touching friend
With big searching eyes
Talk about the lady also known as 

Copyright © ifedayo oshin | Year Posted 2005

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I know of a man. A man full of gratitude and humility for all he is and all he has
He has an eternal fault: an obsession to make a difference; to make an impact
To sow where he care not to reap
And give where, he does not get back
To solve a problem not of his making
 Standing as beacon of hope in the face of upmost despair
And flow freely like an oasis in the silent desert
Shining like a million stars in the steep darkness 
I know of the young-man who
Drank richly of some foreigners’ fount of knowledge 
Years ago, way back at an ancient city of the Yorubas
An unsure future was secured, se t on path of greatness
Filled with such wholesome inspiration
He caught a glimpse of tomorrow vision
And before him was set a life mission
Which he pursued with uncommon passion
To start a national social redemption
He with other berthed the ship of change and silent revolution 
In business as in charity
At a Lagos unusual port, in Surulere, at Obele community
He with some inspired men and women with pen and white chalk
Walked rather than talk the talk
Breaking the jinx of decades of failure and annual underachievement
Setting loose and dreaming
Another generation of Nigerian graduates 
Inspiring many to take up arms of service, destroying
 reign of woes  of secondary education among the tomorrow leaders
Selflessly in the spirit of giving back
That success baton once received a generation earlier
Now with duty being passed to the future runners
To stop the wanton waste
Of the so called wasted generation
Enlivening J. F. Kennedy age long mantra
‘Not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for her’
If the Americans has Peace Corps reaching the corners of the world 
The man and co. decided 
Nigerians can have Volunteers Corps reaching the end of Africa
Imbued with the power of one, driven by a unity of one team
Volunteer Corps was brought forth to life
By men and women, grandly inspired
Ahead of the pack, dangling the magic wand of change
With  deftly touch and humblest of heart
Is the man called Ademola Aladekomo
He is a volunteer; A volunteer of volunteers.

Copyright © ifedayo oshin | Year Posted 2009