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Tattered World

How far have we fallen into this abyss, to let things get like this?
What did we miss?
Are we not all, in this great myth of make this or that great again? 
Lacerated with this hated bellow of cries and screams. 
Running through these streets veins, filled with collusion. 
Yet, peering into the eyes and hearts of man. 
Does it seem to be, this onslaught of emotional intrusion.  
Bursting with flare and vigor, not knowing who, may be the one to pull the trigger. 
The violence has become critical, almost quite biblical. 
Hypocritical are these words of fair and equality. 
Silently are those footsteps that have vanished within the night. 
Whatever happened to those voices, to their choices? 
The reactions of fear, leaves you dead inside. 
Publicized for the mire interaction that hold so many infractions. 
The world is tattered woven into a stitch of its own internal fabric, eating away at itself. 
Chasing wealth but it seems to move in stealth. 
Close to my own imagination, far away from your hand to my hand. 
Runs deep, like sands through the hourglass. 
While the lens remain stained as we continue to maintain. 
Frame a picture of us on the surface, but this selfie ends with much tragedy and you still can't see this tattered world of insanity.

Darius Howard 4/4/19

Copyright © Darius Howard | Year Posted 2019

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In The Eyes of A Stranger

In The Eyes of A Stranger

Piercing, glancing and forgetful thoughts.
Seconds of observation invasive emotions never fought. 
Unfamiliar eyes only to know nothing of you. 
Your conversation, your voice, nothing of a sort has changed. 
Panicked heartbeat ,frantic conclusion, while losing sight of what is and what still stands. 
This intrusion of trust wrapped in lust, of will and might. Turns out to be just a fight, but for the few that knew, nothingness still remains in this empty place. The eyes of a stranger notices this which is missed in the distance behind those things are choices. 
Morphing in and out of an endless cycles of danger filled with hate, anger and half trues. 
Yet, left with this mental block, this shock and awe momentarily mesmerized by this condition. 
How awful, are these things before you but continue to be blind? 
Combined with the knowledge at hand sands through the hourglass, where time, has no meaning. 
Demeaning or your words that are unjust to be heard. Leaning in to search 
 for that meaning, but now knowing just how blurred the vision is. 
This vision of hope, has no antidote no cure left in these eyes of a stranger insecurities, that are lost and fragile for the future.


Copyright © Darius Howard | Year Posted 2022