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The 4 forces


The dark wind pounds against the ground
The clouds taken over by the sky
Rain, a destroying force
Ready for destruction, ready to overflow
Rain, a powerful and friendly force
Ready to nurse, ready to grow.


A protector. A kind, gentle force.
Without consideration, without doubt
Clearing down growth, satisfying our stomach
Unpredictable, uncontrollable
Useless to those who use them unwisely
Helpful for those who use them wisely
A killer. A fiery of destruction, a unstoppable force


The place for us to stand, for us to walk, for us to farm
How to describe it, how to view it
A force of nature hard to forget
What would be without it
Without the Earth, the place to live
Or the earth we farm and walk on
To hell we go without or with the Earth.


The thing we breath, the calm, flowing Air.
Born to give life. The one that is always with us
In our first and final breath
A force to be reckoned with
Blowing, blowing wind
Alas, it is and will be with me now, and forevermore!


Copyright © David Chong | Year Posted 2019