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The Young Growing Tree

'You can never be like us'
Their words pricked me as my growth became itchy.
They mocked at my stalk in its feeble stage.
Still I could flip the page
That was the end of my dormant stage.

My roots never failed responding to gravity.
I sprung open my tinny leaves trying to trap light energy.

Despite their dejection I paved my way to the top.
Amidst insults pouring down like boiling rain.
Purpose swallowed my pains.

I was dead and buried under the soil.
But now flourish upward and forward.
The eyes that could trample me down,
Now they can only watch me scrape the sky.
The energies they wasted on pruning my hope,
Now they can only hope to attain my height.

I am ever fresh
I am ever fruitful 
I am rising on high
I am God's investment 
I am the making of God

Copyright © sanda groovy | Year Posted 2018

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My loudest feelings

My Loudest Feelings 

It pricks my pores
Makes me red like glowing charcoal.
My tear glands could not stop reminding me of its nature.

That feeling I thought as much
Love hit my heart
Its prints left stitches.
I could not bear it
Each time my heart beat of jealousy.
The only cold I felt
Where the breeze of my breath.

Like an African woman pounding vegetable  in the middle of the night.
So were the lobes of my brain jamming each other.

I never wonna feel as such again.
When my feelings are smashed.
My care snubbed
My love overlooked
No, not again!
Let my heart rest.

When my thoughts took me to space.
When anger battled with my soul.
When addiction became part of me.
No, not again!
Let my mind rest.

Copyright © sanda groovy | Year Posted 2019

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The moment everyone choruses "Happy New Year'
I know my January just started.
The moment my pastor says 'Its our year of The Shift'
I know my year just began.

January, my first fruit
January, my birth month
January, my ever best month.
I could trade it for nothing on earth.

I call it my festive month.
My month of bonding.
Making new friends, new decisions
Taking new paths, forgetting the past.

My lovely January, sweet as a candy.
My everyday fancy
My month of achievements.
Oh hail January!
The first of the year.

Copyright © sanda groovy | Year Posted 2019