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Best Poems Written by Tia'liyah Pollard

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Imperfect design part 1

We are as humans, are an imperfect design.
We kill;
each other never for good reason.
We destroy;
ourselves with drugs and alcohol 
We consume;
So much that others go without 
We are our own worst enemy.
We lead each other into war, for land we don't need.
We start famines, when we have enough for everyone.
We create diseases, and then don't try to make cures.
We will lead to our own self destruction.
There is no cure, for us.

Copyright © Tia'liyah Pollard | Year Posted 2018

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Unvoiced but not unheard

The words that are unvoiced but not unheard are the loudest of all.
The words that aren't said at the end of s sentence but are implied.
they are the ones that hurt the most,
they are the ones we instantly regret,
they are the ones that end the argument.

End the friendship.

End the relationship.

End the trust.

End the love.

Copyright © Tia'liyah Pollard | Year Posted 2018

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Christmas mourning

Today is christmas, kids are waking up before the sun.
Everyone else is celebrating,
Waking up early and smiling
Laughing and chasing each other down stairs excited for the gifts awaiting them at the bottom.
But as i watch them running downstairs, my heart aches and a tear falls because I know they will be met with nothing.
No presents under the tree,
No tree with a star on top,
No you…
No you, waiting for them with hot chocolate, exhausted from staying up all night wrapping last minute gifts and getting the santa costume perfect.

It happened last night and they don't know yet.

They don’t a lot of things.
They don’t know you were santa
They don't know that those presents were wrapped by you
They don't know that you were the only one tall enough to put the star on the tree or the only one that was strong enough to get the tree in the house.

They don’t know that you’re gone, but I have to tell them.
Today is Christmas Mourning.

Date: November 17
Sponsor:  PS Awtry

Copyright © Tia'liyah Pollard | Year Posted 2018

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I feel for you

I feel it;
all of it.
The pain, the regret, the humiliation, the guilt, the heartache, everything.
I cry silent tears for you.

While you feel nothing.
you look on, blankly.
you dont look at me, you look through me.
you're in a world of your own, content to  ignore reality.
Content to feel nothing.

Copyright © Tia'liyah Pollard | Year Posted 2018