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Best Poems Written by Drake Henning

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Invisible Ambition

I wish my identity was independent of those I can surround
More people need to tear up the madness in me
Because I may lose myself within the faceless crowd

A warm outlook on your life but inwards I’m frigid
Invert this introvert just to see what it may breed
Otherwise I’m stuck stumbling ‘round my inner hazy jungle

Distant vicinity throws thought through the window
Prefrontal cortex malfunctions do not represent my intelligence
And my GPA isn’t entirely telling of my character

But recognize that my thought patterns are often inconsistent
Like the flow of my hair
It’s always different

My incoherence reflects on my appearance
And I’m a zany kid but I’m afraid of it
I can easily read body language but I write it in an alien dialect

I want to construct my ideal self, for now I’m busy laying countless tracks
I’m losing more of this self with each train of thought that departs
My heart is aching and I’m waiting for senseless daydreams to pass

I wonder what kind of a splash I will make in this world
I’m a blooming flower ready for a social butterfly to take me under their wing
I thought I would rise this spring but yet again I’m caught pretending

I guess spring will come again, oh, never mind, this is my last chance
A passing glance never meant a thing to anyone but me

Copyright © Drake Henning | Year Posted 2018

Details | Drake Henning Poem


It was a bright fall day. 
Spirit was in the air of the stadium. 
I was down here. 
They were up there. 

I scanned the crowd with intense eyes
I saw one face I knew. 
One who I asked to a dance. 
Two years in a row. 

She said yes both times. 
She backed out both times. 
As she waved to me, I wanted to feel okay with it. 
I couldn’t. 

Down there, with all the performers, I felt alone. 
I raised my arm. 
I made a fist. 
I extended a finger. 

And I still look back with joy thinking about her reaction. 
I could feel the control in her eyes stagnate. 
I was liberated from her teasing grasp.
I could finally hope to dance again. 

Copyright © Drake Henning | Year Posted 2018