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Words: wt, wto, wu, wud, wudu

Wu Poems

Wu Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of wu poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for wu.

New Poems

Premium Member Wu Is Me
They alleged, when they handcuffed poor Fred
that he’d killed Mr Wu! Shot him dead!
For that night, over beer,
his intent had been clear -
“I could murder a Chinese*,” he’d said.

8 Feb 2020

*British expression meaning “I’d really love some Chinese food”!...Read More
Categories: wu, fun, funny, humor, humorous, murder,
Form: Limerick

The journey of a loving poet
The journey of a loving poet

My fingers are like the twigs
in the autumn
having the construction of the sadness

Sunshine burned my skin,
unwitnessly comes as cancer.

Apple is sweet
eroding my teeth
-My silent faith

basked under the sunshine,
betrayed the fragrance of that girl

The stars in...Read More
Categories: wu, feelings, sorrow,
Form: Verse
11 little haikus
The light wind breezed willow,
my hangover disappeared in the spring,
the dew is so light,meantime,i felt so sad

Linnets perched at the wild pond,
For whom,the fragrance wreathes the forest.
This autumn,is just the tears of Chrysanthemum

Letting the bloody mist stray,
i wield the sword...Read More
Categories: wu, love, sad,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Villanelle: Never political but spiritual the ancient Indo-Chinese pilgrim ties
Villanelle : Never political but spiritual the ancient Indo-Chinese pilgrim ties

       In Memory of the late pathologist (and amateur Astronomer) 
Associate Professor CHONG Siew Meng, National University of Singapore*

Never political but spiritual the ancient...Read More
Categories: wu, race, relationship, religion, spiritual,
Form: Villanelle
To the Lost
So many women,
Lost to time.

Mileva Maric,
Helene Kaufler-Savic,
Chien-Shiung Wu.

In a world of men,
Their lights in shadow,
We’ve left their memory to fade away.

The pedestal they deserve
We gave away.
Away to men who were so very wrong,
To men who took the freedom of others,
To...Read More
Categories: wu, for her, loss, lost, men, people, perspective,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Spirits In The Wood

Standing all alone in the woods;
eyes shut, I feel the lilting light.
Sun dodges needles through the crown,
beams land on my skin softly so.
Brisk breezes quicken and rustle.
Bristlecone pines ever sway slowly,
while pockets of air blush my cheeks.
Staying stalwart in meditation,
cones...Read More
Categories: wu, death, earth, fantasy, sin, sound, spiritual, tree,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Narrow Paths Less Taken
A narrow way
between left-brain dominant history
in wealthy solidarity
with right-brain prominent yin-flow

Heart-touched and nature-tasted
multi-generationally tested
both/and cooperative health
with either/or competing against
creatively/uncreatively fragmenting ego-integrity potential
for win/win left here/now
with win/lose health/pathology remembering night,
tip-pointing both/and heuristic
holonic timeless fertile right
EarthSoul centered becoming
whole re-opened might.

Changing climates of...Read More
Categories: wu, destiny, green, health, integrity, metaphor, red, voice,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Raising ChildFriendly Communities
When disuniting yang's admittedly subjective supremacy
debates against disforming yin's non-objective wimpiness,

Then yin with yang,
like right with left
ego/eco-covenanting crisis wanderers
sojourn between win/win and lose/lose anawim,
learning to speak against vulnerable emigrants
absorbing dualistic debates.

These two now mutual antagonists are most motivated
to leave their...Read More
Categories: wu, caregiving, childhood, community, health, mentor, parents, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Yang-Yin ReJoined
If you are a Zen Buddhist
a Taoist,
where past wealthy resonance
interdependently governs global developing history
with resilient future health projections,

If you are a Zeroist,
or an in-between Zoroastrian,
not asha (1) and not all druj (0) either,

You may know,
and perhaps even over/under-stand,
what it means...Read More
Categories: wu, community, destiny, green, health, humanity, integrity, wisdom,
Form: Political Verse

IF you pull a long repentant face
It avails you to pull it where no one sees you pray
For forgiveness though not after being caught outright losing face
A stricken conscience e'en coached by...Read More
Categories: wu, character, destiny, innocence, judgement, nature, political, spring,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Analogous Definitions
Defining Analogies

Natural/Spiritual Religion:
Our cooperative ZeroSoul-owned green sanctuary system
for extensively restoring interdependent outcomes
to and for healthy ego co-invested lives
transubstantiating Earth's wealthiest ecocentric WinWin Peace.

Why do you qualify Religion with "natural/spiritual"?  
Is there some other kind of active good-faith, 
not pertaining...Read More
Categories: wu, caregiving, culture, health, integrity, peace, relationship, religion,
Form: Political Verse
From Far-Off Worlds, Now I Am Come For You
From Far-Off Worlds, now I am come for you,
Across the ages, and across all time…
Behind the Sun, we first did pledge, and I’m…
Impatient as a crocus for the New

Dawn and the coming of Pure Light
Then, will I finally hold you...Read More
Categories: wu, death, desire, love, marriage, passion, soulmate, true
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Overcoming Writers Block
Lately I've struggled with my ability to write
Writers block has been killing me at night
I couldn't do anything about it even though I was willing to try
Now I'm slowly regaining my ability to write

Scribbled out lines and scrunched up pieces...Read More
Categories: wu, deep, depression, devotion, inspiration, inspirational, poetess,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member China Spies and Lies
China Spies and Lies

Concentration camps in the north
disappearing book sellers in the south
Chinese spies hunt one and all
Army of thieves , worldwide

Zhao Ziyang, where is he?
erased from Chinese history
where is the brave young man
who battled one thousand tanks?

Xu Jiatun, where...Read More
Categories: wu, abuse, art, corruption, political, racism,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Flitting Offering
Flitting's like floating
only with 
the least amount
and most


Each waft
a contravention.

Somersault of
but better:

Plummer salts
of Winter,
but better:

Though flitting's 
altogether fitting
if near-enough
to Surrender
is your kind of

...Read More
Categories: wu, nature, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Horrific Climate Trends
Any difference between feeling horrified, on one hand,
and disenchanted terrifying thoughts, on the other,
seem connected to punishing error and folly in others
unlike our self-righteous ego identities
trained to settle for a Win/Lose anti-communal
anti-trusting world.

Such disparities are even less wise when paranoid
and...Read More
Categories: wu, community, conflict, confusion, health, integrity, peace, psychological,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Commerce of Communion
Competing to weaken inappropriate business models for healthy government
too industriously advocating automated capital-enriching violence
despite co-arising globally stressed-out climates
is not an eco-theologist apologist's leading non-trump card.

Connecting intentionally cooperative people
and communing plants
and healthy commingling planet
more polypathically ego/ecotherapeutic
seems more effectively persuasive
toward historically therapeutic...Read More
Categories: wu, business, games, health, humor, integrity, meaningful, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member AllSouls CoOperative
I wish to fully live
then richly die
non-violently communing with AllSouls
in cooperative team resonance,
resilient restoring green justice residence
eco-governing NewLondon's energy democracy,
WinWin co-arising loss
of LoseLose Ego PrisoNest,
plutocracy capital-infested

I hope we wish to cooperatively network gratitude
for opportunities to restore peacefully robust urban forests
and...Read More
Categories: wu, community, discrimination, earth, education, health, integrity, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Good guy goes off
Guess who's back?, back again
No it's not Eminem, I stole his pen
No that's not a diss so please don't ask again 
I've been quiet for a while but I can no longer hold it in 
I lost my mind, because...Read More
Categories: wu, anger, deep, emotions, fun, horror, humorous,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Lead with a Follower
Most effective teachers
are perpetually curious students.

Most accomplished chefs
have voracious appetites
for nutritional taste
and nurturing fragrance.

Most resilient lovers of here and now life
have known and felt hate and anger
for what they were and are not
what they could want themselves to become
cooperative truth...Read More
Categories: wu, caregiving, education, health, integrity, leadership, love, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Feeling Better
and ego body-systems,
patriotic systems
and feminist systems
mutually improve,
grow more robust,
resonant when WinWin relationships
between diversely paradigmatic elements
within said system
and between unsaid systems
grow more healthy wealth together
well-greased co-operative channels
and web-structures
WinWin overwhelming WinLose
competing smaller self-centered investments.

Capital small-self promotion tends to over-reward historical success
to those...Read More
Categories: wu, earth, health, integrity,
Form: Political Verse
Taught by Gangstas
I was always well spoken and knew how to conversate
But at school I was going through too many personal problems to sit down and concentrate
I couldn't pay attention in class, everything the teachers said left my head
I'd go home and...Read More
Categories: wu, character, childhood, deep, hip hop, rap, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
I like rhyming
At times I've filled in a 200 page pad in a day
Yet I still had more to say
I've always liked rhyming I just find it fun
My mind is always thinking so there isn't a time when my rhymes are done

Even...Read More
Categories: wu, poems, poetry, poets, rap,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Paternal Storms
To Husserl's phenomena,
enchanting and disenchanting
healthy and pathological
and all colors in-between,
We might remedially add relationships,
cooperative and competitive
and all hues and cries in-between

To play our LeftEgo with Right Sacred EcoTribe
Wins for convex phenomena
and Wins for concave ecstatic relationships,
Win/Lose in-between wu wei,
and Lose/Lose
not...Read More
Categories: wu, birth, history, integrity, philosophy, power, psychological, relationship,
Form: Political Verse
What happened to Hip-Hop
What happened to Hip-Hop, how did it end up like this? 
the biggest song on the radio is by a rapper who didn't write it
And the ones who do write they repeat the same 8 words for all 3 verses
What...Read More
Categories: wu, growth, hip hop, history, music, rap, truth,
Form: Free verse