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Time War Poems

These Time War poems are examples of War poems about Time. These are the best examples of War Time poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Body War
Shes body bangin
Shes body bangin
So body bangin
No time for waitin
Shes elevatin
So elevatin
No time for waitin

Shes body bangin
Shes body bangin
No hesitatin
So captivatin
While body bangin
Might getcha beggin

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Categories: war, bangla,

Premium Member A Knock at his Door
a knock at his door
  signal of war
he knows no more

arrive at the line
  cigarette kills the time
silence jars his mind

bullets float past...

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Categories: courage, red, soldier, war,

Premium Member The Boy
The distant flash of guns like fireworks
in Yorkshire Dales, a November, long past;
soon followed by deep rumbling; thunder
that usually precedes rain, but not today.
The boy,...

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Categories: death, war,

The Stillborn Love
Pain abates. A silent love zigzags
through his bullet wound. He is an 

Indian mercenary fighting for the 
Allies. He was born with a rusted 


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Categories: war,

An Addict's War
An Addict's War
By Jess McClintock

We survive in the dark shadows of night

Trying to run from our internal curse

Hiding our pain with the 
smoke that blocks...

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Categories: war, addiction, drug, how i

Premium Member TYNEWALD

This IS the darkest time,
This IS the darkest day,
When men fell,
When women pray;
THIS is the darkest time,
THIS is the darkest day,

When unlived eyes close,
When ...

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Categories: hero, history, world war

Premium Member Penetration Privileges
Like God amassing gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh,
vain potentates, possessed by pride that riches will confer,
depleted pillaged villages in pagan days of old…

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Categories: conflict, humanity, war,

Premium Member Illusion that War Could Not Touch Us
Spring of 1971, happy laughter
Multi-colored flowers and happy faces
we drive painted vans our parents can afford
We pile in, meeting new friends, some potential lovers
Peppermint breath...

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Categories: war, nostalgia,

Premium Member When Neighbor's Came Around
Remember those days, long ago,
When friends would come to call?
October was a good time, hazy
(Indian summer) anyway, in the fall
After the harvest was in.
The kids...

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Categories: nostalgia, remember, world war

Premium Member SHADOW

It was a glorious summers day and I woke up with the lark
Got my wheelchair ready and then headed to the park
I noticed a girl...

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Categories: dog, memory, soldier, war,

Premium Member - Killed Without Reason -
Dare you look deep into this darkness
Persecution of Jews - Holocaust
In Hebrew, this has the genocide
been called Shoah,
which means disaster or destruction

The journey has just...

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Categories: dark, evil, war,

Tears On The Iron Rail
Bodies crammed shoulder to shoulder
Packed in wooden cattle cars
Their destination to them unknown;
Men, women, and children,
Old, young, and grown.

Bodies standing crowded and pressed against each...

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Categories: war, depression, fear, heartbreak, holocaust,

Premium Member The Last Train To Auschwitz

In nineteen forty four on the third of September
Is a date in my mind that I'll always remember
It was the date of the last train...

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Categories: war, abuse, death, evil, jewish,

Premium Member Lay Weapons Down
The election is done.
The results have come and gone.
It no longer matters who won.
It's decided, right or wrong.

Those of us, who voted our choice.
Did what...

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Categories: war, america, anger, conflict, voice,

Premium Member PTSD
fireworks or gun fire?
If you suffer from PTSD does it matter?
Hurting their heart, and their dogs’ ears.
And yet, we love them in America.
Where vets are...

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Categories: veterans day, war,