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Spanish War Poems

These Spanish War poems are examples of War poems about Spanish. These are the best examples of War Spanish poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Galleons
How many galleons per mile
Were spread the grand Armada fleet,
Hoping strong England to defile
After a huge naval defeat?

Surging steady through stormy seas
How many galleons per...

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Categories: war, england, history, sea, spanish,

Europe United Not European Union
The British Empire was built by fate
made rich advanced to stand up straight 
Have knowledge and allies to collaborate 
prevent Europe a Russian satellite state


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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: war, america, conflict, crazy, england,

Premium Member Maybe It Was Eleanor
Ever wonder where big ideas come from?

Memories of FDR
from newsreel clips -
a lion-headed striking man
with rakish grin,
jaw jutting proudly, 
signature cigarette holder
clenched in his teeth

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© Greg Gaul  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: war, feelings, history, international, philosophy,

Premium Member Resistance On The Iberian Peninsula
Resistance On The Iberian Peninsula

“Liberté, égalité, fraternité (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity),” 
Scream French revolutionists as they guillotine monarchists heads,
Then crown Napoleon Bonaparte Emperor of France,
Who commands...

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Categories: war, education, freedom, history, irony,

Premium Member TRAFALGAR

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Categories: war, england, french, sea, spanish,

Premium Member The Ballad of Edward Kenway

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Categories: adventure, courage, leadership, war,

El Puente Nuevo, Ronda, Spain 1936
Look how they fall like angels to the earth!
But no soft landing down amongst those rocks.
Those devils on the bridge with gleeful mirth
Terrorised the townsfolk...

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Categories: war, conflict, death, history, horror,

Premium Member Displaced in Kathmandu
Our dinner, boiled to death root vegetables, we swallow in silence as night closes-in on the school. The co-opted Buddhist monastery housing us empties its...

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Categories: anxiety, fear, war,

The War of Jenkins' Ear
(absurdly enough, a true story)

Four centuries ago this year
(believe me, for I’ve checked!)
Britain and Spain jointly adhered
to the Treaty of Utrecht.

They’d been at war so...

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Categories: war, history,

Spanish American War II
I am American sir, just as much as you,

where did all your people come from?

I hold these vows, just as close, I say that much...

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Categories: war, birth,

Trip Doors
Strange days, waiting for the sun.
Touch me -- the changeling, wild child.
Land ho, Indian Summer, five to one.
Spanish caravan, Peace frog reviled.

Touch me -- the...

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© Tom Arnone  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: war, america, love, music, native

Henry Morgan the Privateer
Henry Morgan was an admiral of the Royal Navy
In his time, commissioned, but most found him crazy
Such that the Spanish called him a pirate rebellious

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Categories: war, betrayal, character, conflict, courage,

Premium Member Brave Conquerors Of Weakened Tribes
Brave Conquerors Of Weakened Tribes

They could never in any great haste
their false glory dare to forsake.
Why abandon that gleam in their eyes
for truth in those...

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Categories: war, conflict, corruption, death, evil,

Nobody moves...nobody talks,
And who dares...gets sharp folks,
Stuff his mouth...stuff her rear,
Terror reigns and tearing fear,

Disfigured being a pierced face,
To whomsoever present my case?
They are all...

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Categories: conflict, violence, war,

Premium Member A CASTLE OF TEMPTATION - collab with JA Fraser

Proudly standing amidst three lochs, verdant hills
a Castle enciente breathing beauty but sadly chants 
passed feuds sparking battles having harried their foe

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Categories: war, beautiful, england, history, spanish,

Missing Mobile Bay
From the marshes of the Delta, to the breakers of Sand Island,
from Fowl River to the banks of Point Clear,
from Battleship Park to Weeks Bay,

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Categories: absence, missing, war,

Pies Politics And Birds
            Pies Politics And Birds

300 lbs. can’t hide my weight from stealing pies from...

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Categories: war, adventure, bird, celebrity, corruption,

April 26th, 1937,
There came a day, when some would see Heaven.
The light shine above the heads,
To resemble the sparks of the bombs threads.

Mothers with their...

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Categories: war, angst, dedication, devotion, fear,

Premium Member A Dad's Letter To His Marine
Son, I'm so proud that you elected to serve in the United States Marines.
Military service is a family tradition - it just happens to be...

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Categories: father, son, war, war,

Battle of Manila
My great, great, Uncle who fought in the
 Spanish-American War, although this was 
long before my time I was proud, my hero…

As told to me,...

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Categories: war, death, family, funeral, history,