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History War Poems

These History War poems are examples of War poems about History. These are the best examples of War History poems written by international poets.

Mughal Emperor
Aurang Zaib Alamgeer
Have you forgot Queen Tarabai?
A woman who fought defensive battles against you
Do you remember her swinging sword?
How can you forget that violent clash

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Categories: war, appreciation, bible, books, daughter,

Team Stalin Taunt
Banda naik ho to waisa Stalin jaisa
Jo havalaat ja chuka ho
Jo logon say na haaray
Jis say log darain
Jis pay log marain
Jo khud garzi ki alamat...

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Categories: war, anger, betrayal, death, emotions,

Premium Member Forlorn Hope
*Image of Tennyson Cross, Isle of Wight provided by Pixabay.

Forlorn Hope
Poetic Form: Sonnet

Divined amassed, thinly advance their scope
bloodlines warrant one soul's intended quest
persuades enhanced history,...

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Categories: war, death, destiny, devotion, freedom,

A World Meant to Grow
My great-grandfather was a farmer,
He yielded crops by the harvest moon
When spring came to bloom 
He had a son, 
My grandfather was a military-man
He disappeared...

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Categories: war, change, culture, environment, family,

Premium Member The Lancashire Lad 1914-18 war

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Categories: war, conflict, courage, emotions, england,

Loos, France, Fall 1915
Slaughter amongst the slag heaps
Bodies bowed over barb wire
Screeching, screaming
artillery arching above
soon to descend
amputating limbs
shattering skulls
blood and brains
splattering stains on
comrades too close
mixing with the mud


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Categories: death, history, war, world


I have weight on, due to a moan
Those who labour under, Striving hope

Citizen breathes with recluse
See the country's ruller, gone to be rebel
Wondering those, illusion...

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Categories: war, 12th grade, dream, history,

Premium Member TYNEWALD

This IS the darkest time,
This IS the darkest day,
When men fell,
When women pray;
THIS is the darkest time,
THIS is the darkest day,

When unlived eyes close,
When ...

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Categories: hero, history, world war

The Last Train to Auschwitz
      1.3 million people sent there
          1.1 million...

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Categories: war, death, holocaust, jewish, world

CCP Turtles Grassing Line
my latest anti CCP turtle poem--

CCP Turtles Grassing Line
China’s virtual hotline
Report online remarks
Slander Communist Party history
Crack down “bygone nihilists”
Party’s 100th centenary July

Grass line allows society...

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Categories: abuse, satire, war,

Tears On The Iron Rail
Bodies crammed shoulder to shoulder
Packed in wooden cattle cars
Their destination to them unknown;
Men, women, and children,
Old, young, and grown.

Bodies standing crowded and pressed against each...

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Categories: war, depression, fear, heartbreak, holocaust,

Premium Member Mavia of the Saracens
she stood,
staff in hand ...
staring down at the
man kneeling before her -
strands of her hair danced on the
breeze like a stallion's tail ...
cinnamon skin, a...

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Categories: war, fantasy, history, imagery, metaphor,

The Boy at Ticonderoga, Part IV
...Duncan laughed bitterly at the sight,
was this why so many men had died?
Half-ruined stones, piled gray and white,
the goal that brought such slaughter, denied…
Ticonderoga, it...

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Categories: war, america, conflict, confusion, death,

The Boy at Ticonderoga, Part III
...Duncan pulled free and sprinted, half-mad,
tears streaming as he made his retreat,
he’d never imagined hell this bad,
and didn’t much care if they were beat.
All he...

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Categories: war, america, conflict, confusion, death,

The Boy at Ticonderoga, Part II
...Duncan’s unit, the 42nd,
was placed in the center of the mass,
the French would crumble quick, he reckoned,
when the lines started marching at last,
not knowing that...

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Categories: war, america, conflict, confusion, death,