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Cold War War Poems

These Cold War War poems are examples of poetry about Cold War War. These are the best examples of War Cold War poems written by international poets.

Brolley Hit
Brolley Hit
Give me something small
No big bomb or aircraft carrier needed
A little virus on the tip of a pin
Ready to inject you viral death
Not fall...

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Categories: war, conflict, technology, violence,

Cold War Country Rock
Four o’clock in the morning,
Another four hours to go,
Mouth tastes of stomach acid
Eyes like pee holes in the snow.
Every Mid shift at this time 

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Categories: war, endurance, imagination, military,

Premium Member Sputnik Scare
Sputnik Scare

The beep-beep-beep signal scare,
From the Sputnik artificial satellite
Orbiting the earth; broadcast through air
Continued for twenty-two minutes
Until the batteries ran out.

The Russians are first in...

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Categories: history, space, war,

Joys Bloom
They went to the spar hotel and got it on. One time was enough to revive the old socialist. He was fully revived. This was...

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Categories: conflict, devotion, history, war,

Premium Member Cold War
You spiked my drink,
I poisoned thine.
You pulled a dagger,
I swung a halberd. 
You threw a grenade
And I threw a bomb.

This might have been a story...

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Categories: inspiration, war,

Border Patrol
The East West German Border
A heavily guarded barbed wire fence 
There for containment
Not for defence

He sat alone in the Mess
Methodically drinking 
Trying to numb his...

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Categories: war, conflict, death, freedom, memorial,

Premium Member Sputnik and the Moon
You found me in a shadow,
By chance alone, and still.
Within a hole I came to know:
A burden; can't fulfill.

Buried nether stories,
I've welded to my spine:

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Categories: war, america, light, love, men,

Premium Member Prediction Contradiction
    'Experts' assured us the Cold War was over
       that Russia’s a bit...

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Categories: international, war,

Drinking San Miguel at the Spanish Gate.
Naval Base Subic Bay.
A Cold War hovered above my head.
The jukebox rocked Tom Petty.

“Somewhere, somehow, somebody
“Must’ve kicked you around....

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Categories: allegory, war,

Premium Member Yes, He Would
"Well, yes, he would"

we do not see a bigger escalation
no plans to invade Ukraine
I decided to launch a special military operation...
the demilitarisation and denazification of...

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Categories: angst, conflict, dark, war,

Premium Member Its A Cold Cold War
Amongst the guns and bullets 
the tremors of a soul unfinished, refurbished,  
by a cold cold war 

Democrats, Republicans 
dead remains without a name...

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Categories: anxiety, war,

Iran Israel Conflict
Israel,since its creation in 1948,has close ties with Iran,which becomes the second Muslim country to recognise the Jewish state after Turkey.They become allies under the...

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Categories: war, conflict, divorce, friend, high

Walking in the cold void,
Armies retreating in paranoid... 

Families living in pride, 
Flag honouring the patriotic souls...
Medals of honour for the call of duty. 


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Categories: adventure, faith, war, world,

Premiered at Woodrow’s Roadside Shelter, Vienna, MO – 2/12/2008

Epaminandas at Leuctra
MacMurphy’s Head
Silent Butler
Valentine from Valley Forge
La Garde Reculé
Count It with Numbers



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Categories: allegory, conflict, war,

Was it worth it fecking Sinjin Hawke
When you could’ve been with Stringfellow?
But the lure of drugs in the Golden triangle
So much better and a guy...

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Categories: war, drug, lost love, power,