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Art Villanelle Poems

These Art Villanelle poems are examples of Villanelle poems about Art. These are the best examples of Villanelle Art poems written by international poets.

Premium Member An Altar Now Unworshipped
I hold your hand, my guiding light
To our home, a warm November hearth
My treasure, my altar to life

Sweetest coffee, my pure delight
Blanket of bliss, your...

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Categories: break up, cute, lost

Premium Member Get Ready
When soul mirrors mourning moonrise,
rose silk ink bleeds fluent fine art,
while the goddess of thunder sighs.

Forsaken flowers face grey skies,
to illuminate kohl glass heart,
when soul...

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Categories: poetry,

Premium Member Electric Daisy
Humming just like an electric daisy 
a cloudless sky filled with high voltage;
The underlying sound calms my crazy;

Smoke from the trains rather hazy 
zoom zoom...

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Categories: art, emotions, feelings, poetry,

The Lonely Soul
I'm lonely 
Everyone takes me for fun 
Thinking its just a story 

Deserted by the one whom I loved 
She promised me 
So I gave...

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Categories: 8th grade, adventure, africa,

Premium Member Automatic Art
A.I Chat GPT just type a topic in 
and that masterpiece will spit out;
That’s all you really need to begin;

It’s the most unforgivable sin, 

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Categories: creation, feelings, poetry, technology,

Premium Member Explore
You’ve never been on a subway,
I’ve never made homemade ice cream;
Maybe we’ll explore together someday;

High rise suite or an opulent chalet,
come with me hang out...

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Categories: adventure, emotions, feelings, love,

Premium Member I Write For Me
It’s not about you I write for me;
To keep a positive mind or vent,
so much more than art it’s therapy;

Poetry let’s me be real gutsy;

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Categories: emotions, feelings, poets, writing,

Amendable Stake of Life Back In School
Schooling life- a main pursuit to learn,
Is surrounded by various impairments:
As much as catching fun-fill cruises, spurn!

Easier said than done- taking the right turn;
Good enough...

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Categories: anxiety, art, blue, crazy,

There- My Upright Stand Rests On Solid Rock
No day have I ever work with the clock,
Come sun; come moon to running time's relay...
There- my upright stand rests on solid rock.

While sun shines;...

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Categories: anxiety, art, birth, boy,

Pump On, Lest Death May Play Its Part
Pump on, lest death may play its part,
with weight of sin or righteousness.
It is not ours, this beating heart.

Indeed, when schemes may fall apart,
though souls...

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Categories: imagery, life, wisdom,

My Heartbeat
My heartbeat; twinkle, twinkle, like a star-
Secured up above the celestial might.
It keeps sparking its continuous light's bar...

When  nothing shines upon my humble scar,

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Categories: appreciation, art, courage, devotion,

After All Life Is But a Twisted Tale
After all, life is but a twisted tale,
Of trying blue; to weigh us, if model.
To find happy rest in all we travail...

Winnings, everyone continually tail,

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Categories: art, betrayal, blue, business,

Through Time You Will Reach Your Own Destined Prime
Eternal life makes some kind people's time
To grow wealth, unless it comes natural.
Through time, you will reach your own destined prime!

And keep warm, the hot...

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Categories: africa, age, art, birthday,

As I Try Again, Let Fortune Be Mine
Four years as an apprentice, skills combine
With my willing ability to thrive...
As I try again, let fortune be mine,

And compliment the acquired knowledge's wine -

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Categories: adventure, art, future, motivation,

There Is No Pattern To True Happiness
Every birth drives through deep uneasiness,
Yet laughter cools pain of childbirth so gay.
There is no pattern to true happiness!

How smiles celebrate the womb's emptiness,
Simplify the...

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Categories: africa, age, appreciation, art,

Book: Reflection on the Important Things