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Death Sijo Poems

These Death Sijo poems are examples of Sijo poems about Death. These are the best examples of Sijo Death poems written by international poets.

Like a bruise melting from blue to black, grief shows up slowly,
Appearing in the steam of coffee once shared, a laugh similar,
Yet as scabs heal...

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Categories: analogy,

Winter Calls
Sun recedes earlier each day as fall gives way to winter.
Vibrant colors of my favorite trees recede in sympathy.
Death of light and color usher in...

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Categories: seasons,

Premium Member After His Funeral
A final word, final hug, final tear~
     the mourners disperse,
Leaving her with golden photos
     and memories worth...

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Categories: death,

Sea Turtle
Subtle beak peeks, blowing through a reef’s ostentatiousness
Emerging from dark impervious depths, the need to breathe
Adept adaptation caught between the blues and greens of aqua...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member Real People
Over two-hundred thousand Covid-19 victims now; 
easy to forget these are people, not "numbers of deaths," they are...
brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, parents, grandparents, et al.


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Categories: death, people, perspective, sad,

Premium Member Life to Death
        LIFE TO DEATH              ...

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Categories: death, life,

Premium Member Warm welcome
In eerie voice chief ghost spoke, “we have many more to welcome”
“More lost souls join us tonight, released from bodies by conflicts,”
“While they war on...

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Categories: analogy, color, conflict, death,

Without a Parting Kiss
Running with the van of death, till her legs couldn't defeat the wheels
Lonely road in awful calmth, not a shoulder for cry and share
Covid hit...

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Categories: death, kiss, lonely, lost

Premium Member robin freezes
The robin sits inside an icy cauldron on cold stark metal.
Hiding from the brutal northwestern winds and pounding sleet
Quietly freezing to death in this cold...

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Categories: bird, winter, , western,

Premium Member Invisible Scars
Knife-like, piercing words of contempt stab the jugular vein
Exsanguinating victim; accustomed to the blood and sharp pain...
gone numb while slowly dying a death by a...

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Categories: abuse, angst, endurance, violence,

Premium Member You've Got More Waiting To Do, Death
Go away, Grim Reaper. You've got more waiting to do, death
I refuse to let you rob me of this fun, beautiful life just yet
I'll continue...

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Categories: beautiful, death, life,

Your hazel eyes ask how long I have waited and longed for you
Ask the raven, how many times I asked to borrow his wings
How many...

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© Marugu Mo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: absence, death, lost love,

Premium Member The Phoenix
A phoenix reincarnates, self incinerating.

Ashes to revivification; phoenix achieves.

Spontaneous combustion that, humans can’t master, purifies phoenix’s spirit.

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Categories: animal, appreciation, bird, death,

Premium Member Sijo - 1 - Personified
How beautiful the frosty breath of winter on the land
A breath so cold ...a kiss of death...that turns Mother Earth to stone  
But with...

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Categories: nature,

Premium Member When Again We Meet - Sijo
When Again We Meet

Softly he says, "Should I die do not wait for me." She smiles,
"Just as the moon exhales no light without first a...

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© FJ Thomas  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sijo, absence, appreciation, death, devotion,