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Harm Self Poems

These Harm Self poems are examples of Self poems about Harm. These are the best examples of Self Harm poems written by international poets.

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[....preface......books are translated from one language to another....words
and phrases differ or be as non-existent.....such was so in shakespeares
time; most were farmers and or craftsmen; so,...

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© sand blown  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: self, anxiety, best friend, conflict,

Come to me just to be
Think deep and mull over your every sin, 
Look unto mind's mirror, critical, keen 
To wash your every single evil clean, 
Confess, your true self’s...

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Categories: identity, self,

Why am I not better yet
Why am I not better yet?
I’ve stopped eating,
Stopped thinking
The clock is ticking
Faster, faster
The days are blending together
I’ve cried too many tears
I’ve lost too many friends

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Categories: self, anxiety, cry, depression, hurt,

SsEnDaM dNa RaEf- a Tanka poem
I’m HOWLING inside
clawing the dark walls unseen
do you sometimes sense my fear?
would you save me if you could?

*I wrote this poem on April 5, 2021,...

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Categories: self, anxiety, dark, emo, fear,

Getting Bad Again
We have all noticed that things are getting bad again,
I know things will get better, but I don't know when.

While clutching at my arm
As my...

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Categories: self, anxiety, color, dark, emotions,

In the middle of the night I ran myself a bath.
I sat on the ledge with my feet in. 
I sigh as I look down...

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Categories: self, abuse, body, child abuse,

about to hit midnight
it's about to hit midnight.
I'm in the bath crying. I'm crying not because the cuts 
I just made sting like mad as I hit the...

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Categories: self, abuse, anger, body, child

Waiting is so hard to do
For most of humankind
We often want results to be
Exactly on the dime
It's sad were weak and...

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Categories: self, anger, character, christian, conflict,

Fear not, brilliant one.
Freedom shall be reaped 
off burdens of broken hearts
where tears voluntarily appear,
as joy comes in the morning 
when troubles escape, my dear....

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Categories: self, freedom,

Unexpected expectations are made
within a single night,
With the glitter outside.
We accept them 
without seeing the falsehood
they bring inside.
Get broken unknowingly
and leave us 
having a tough...

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© Diya Arora  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: self, 11th grade, career, courage,

Have you ever anticipated your own execution?
Knowing what to do to escape it yet too weak to implement it
Have you ever lived in fear of...

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Categories: christian, self,

The Art of Self-Destruction
I am the queen of self destruction.
Ritualistic Razor sharp scrutiny of my reflection -
constantly spewing hate at my mid-section, 
whilst effortlessly faking the pursuit of...

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Categories: self, bullying, emotions, extended metaphor,

Perfect Imperfect
Framed blemish.
Heavy as a tumor.
Solid as surrender.
Dig into epidermis.
Uproot the moment.
Unclean kernel.

Hard, cold reflection.
Show me pretty.
Clogged pores.
Yellow teeth.
Rheumy eyes.
Ugly is as ugly does.

Smile at the...

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Categories: self, beautiful, beauty, body, hurt,

Cat Scratch
Once upon a time, there was a girl who had a cat. 
He was a long haired siamese, with eyes of aquamarine and strands of...

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Categories: self, animal, cat, depression, heartbreak,

It feels like I've been running for hours.
Running from my past.
Running from 'it'.
That name.
When it crawls into my ears, a shiver runs up my spine.


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Categories: self, addiction, anxiety, dark, pain,