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Death Rhyme Poems

These Death Rhyme poems are examples of Rhyme poems about Death. These are the best examples of Rhyme Death poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Affair With a Star
Peeking through the clouds occasionally
A lone star winks at me through the window
Forcing my attention away from late night TV,
Compelling me to notice it so...

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Categories: light, mystery, night, space,

Premium Member I See
I see your loving face,                    ...

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Categories: rhyme, dream, kiss, love, night,

Premium Member A Flawed Child
A young child lives in an illusion,                  ...

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Categories: rhyme, child, feelings, hurt, imagery,

Premium Member I See-The Shape of Water
I see a tear drop upon my face,                 ...

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Categories: rhyme, cry, god, ocean, rain,

Premium Member Citadel of Censorship
The noblemen control the pen, indeed they own the farm,
but nonetheless exude finesse (and need I mention charm?)
with revenue to sate the few, exulting arm...

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Categories: society,

Premium Member Miss Amelia Havisham's Garden Shed - Read by Line Gauthier
between the plant pots and the trays
the cobwebs had seen better days
and for all the wood and damp and soil
the smell was one of paint...

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Categories: death, garden, literature,

Premium Member A Prayer- A Waltz Wave
say for
you today.
I pray
your health
angels to watch
over you.
My love
give you.
May God be
with you

Date Written: 6/13/2021    1,2,1,2,3,2,1,2,3,4,3,2,1,2,3,2,1,2,1
Waltz Wave Contest Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Kim...

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Categories: rhyme, angel, health, love, peace,

Premium Member A Ghostly Encounter
He viewed the room in the attic with distaste.
It had to serve, he had no money to waste.
The house owner was reluctant to rent it.

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Categories: gothic,

The tribute
To the legendary teacher I pay tribute
For imparting live voices to the mute
You paid gratitude
To the multitude
On the mountain top you stood
And all the heads...

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Categories: dedication, devotion, education,

Premium Member SOUNDS from my MEMORY BANK
a bouncing ball against a wall
        conkers bashed as Autumn falls
the swish of a skipping rope:


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Categories: sound,

Just life
In this life I have been high I have been low, i come across people I know I don't even know, I seen things that...

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Categories: america, blessing, confidence, growth,

Premium Member To All Misguided Souls
I weep for those tortured and misguided souls
    Who in waste take pilfered solace from above.
And ply a trade in cloddishness to...

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Categories: cheer up, death, humor,

Premium Member Unanswered
Heaven called an angel home
it's bittersweet I can’t deny,
but I do have a few questions
since I never got to say goodbye.

Will she miss our conversations?

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Categories: angel, cry, death, grief,

Premium Member STRESS
Pressure, tension, exerted, apply, bring to distress
It can either bring you to total duress 
Or strengthen you to do your best.
When they cry unto the...

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Categories: appreciation, bible, confidence, courage,

These Games
That light was as gloomy as the maroon-red sun
In the cozy chamber of your heavenly womb
O! It's not the Sun. a knife-like sharp laser gun

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Categories: abortion, life,