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Wear Only Your Skin

                 Never apologize for being exactly  
              the person that you are, warts and all. 
            Tough if someone scoffs at you for that!
           It's not your obligation to please the world.
                     You are your own individual. 

             Should a soul attempt to rearrange you 
                in any form, in any shape, in any way; 
                     tell that sucker to go fly a kite! 
                      Stay just as you are because....
                           you're fine and dandy!

           You're a sparkling diamond, remember that;
       perfectly imperfect, as you should be. Never mind...
           the scars deep within you, or those written 
         on your skin for all to see! There's no shame 
  in wearing those. They don't make you any less special!

               Never change a single thing about you;
                          not your idiosyncrasies,
                         not your adorable quirks,
                       not how you carry yourself
                not how you dress, or your hairstyle.

                         Rock on with your bad self!
                   Your personality is uniquely yours.
         Should you hear that it's all twisted and wrong,
                            tell the fool that said so.... 
 "Sorry, you've got it backwards...and mind your business!"

                      You're just fine the way you are.
                  You are who you are, and that's that.
                        Let no one try to change you, 
                 because you're special, one of a kind;
                   and there's nothing wrong with you!

Date written: 11/28/2020
*an example for my next contest, "To The Youth Lyric"*

Copyright © Edward Ibeh