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Where Evil Creeps

An eerie silence wrapped the bog,
I dared not move nor speak.
The chilling blanket of the fog
where evil beings creep,
conceals within tormented souls 
now stirring from their sleep,
and there with gruesome fate foretold
lie secrets they will keep.
Into the darkest night they prowl
as silent echoes shriek,
and even wolves with frightened howls
hide in the forest deep.
The terror of the living dead
will follow where they tread.

A Quatorzain is a centuries old form that was used by those like Shakespeare for creativity not restricted by strict rhyme schemes and syllable counts per line like Sonnets were. Therefore, each Quatorzain could be an original creation, however, it wasn't a totally free form because it was still restricted to 14 lines and usually written in iambic meter, also, unlike a Petrarachan/Italian Sonnet it usually ended with a rhyming couplet. Some have argued that it evolved into the English Sonnet. Writers often played with the number 7 as I have done here with alternating iambic tetrameter and trimeter. I also used mono rhyme in the trimeter lines (something not commonly done with Quatorzains yet, as I alluded, it's the beauty of a more free form).

Written October 8th, 2019
for Best New Poem Contest
Sponsored by Emile Pinet

Copyright © craig cornish