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Our Song

Oppressed hearts sing tunes of unification, Motivated by food locked in colonial fortification, And in songs of silver and fame, Do we symbolize our longing for the hunt and a cultural name, - Attempting to frame the origin of our identity, Yielding a myopic range of possibilities: Ones of pledged fealty to nationality and state bureaucracy, Forever with fear and sponsored enemies, Where chromaticity and economics become a mentality, In which racism and poverty are mere matters of ... legality... For the oppressive catalogue of humanity's organized brutality, Followed a sedintary physicality in particular localities, Encouraging rapacity and a destruction of the matriarchy, An abnormality sucking at Earth's vitality, Robbing Gods discovery of their creativity, While imposing a projected reality, Whence choice adheres to false dichotomies, Of: Capability Sexuality and Morality, While in actuality, our totality reflects a universality, That cascading tonality of possibility, Like patterns in a tapestry, reflecting whatever one's third eye may see, And in our acceptance of mortality Do we skip the formalities and rid ourselves of trivialities, Embracing individuality and recognizing commonality.

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