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Let This Be A Dire Warning to You part four

According to a young boy's warning visit to hell there is a tattoo artist in hell who is receiving both his own tattoos and being tormented by demons! All because he gave other people tattoos during his life time! God does not approve of either tattoos or tattoo artists! 

God does not approve of people who either/or neglect prayer and/or the reading of His Holy Book the Bible! We are not only to be hearers of the good news of the gospel light, but doers also! It is a labor of love and a labor of our dedications plus all part of our higher callings in Christ Jesus! And thus I myself have been warned and found guilty of neglecting  prayer and reading of His Holy word the Bible.

Apparently my once weekly Bible study with Jean Jones, my black Bible study lady is not only lacking but also insufficient! My new home care worker Indronia sp is a newer Christian but by far a more dedicated one. Although she has trouble reading English as her second language! She posts the Bible on her cell phone and reads it much more frequently than I do myself! Thus I am also guilty as charged. Let he or she who is among you and without sin cast the first stone!

The Lord does not delight in the perishing of the unrepentant and the wicked! In fact more people in hell repent and ask for second chances than those of us who are still alive and remain! It is much too late for them to repent but it is not too late for either you or me to also repent! And change our ways and  have our sins blotted out forever!

"For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." But that does not give even Christians license to sin! And ultimately pay their eternal penalty in hell for confessed and unrepresented sins! Including those of us, myself included who are very guilty of repetitive and habitual sins! We are to confess our sins both to our Lord but also each other as well! 

I have been asking God to  help me to deal with a certain type of habitual sin that deals with having a vain and an ungodly imagination! God has blessed me with the ability to: type, write and to imagine! But I have abused it and over used it throughout the vast decades of my life! Now that I am older I am trying to set the records straight on earth and in heaven! And I would advise all of you to go thou and do likewise!

"There is only one life and it will too soon pass! Only what is done for Christ will last."

Roxanne Lea Dubarry
Roxy Lea/ October Country
May 23, 2022

Copyright © Roxanne Dubarry