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Admonishing against arrogance and apathy
Building lives buttressed with leadership brace
Caring for his children, blending compassion and circumspection
Daddy* dearest is decisive, determined, diligent, dedicated, disciplinarian...

Empowering with his enabling encouragement
Fatherly figure, firming up family fortress by his faith-fortitude
Godly in gearing, guarding, governing, guiding along grace goodness 
Hoisting us toward holiness-height, happiness’ health and heavenly hope...

Instructor was Dad: intelligent and inspiring
Jovial while being just; amidst job-stress, jubilant
Keen in his knowledge kingdom for kindling kindness 
Leading us to love’s light along liberating lessons in life...

Man of mercy and might, managing meaningfully   
Nurturing so well with Mom’s nursing nourishment
Offering and opening great opportunities for optimization
Prayerful Dad propelled us to perform with best for progress  
Quitting not in doing best despite qualms to attain noble quests...

Reverberating Dad’s legacy, worth remembering 
Surely serving as steadfast statutes of strength’s stamina
Truthful indeed against trying times toward triumphant tasks
Unwavering since he had them exemplified by the Lord’s uplift
Values he did instill is us verily make us victors, vanquishing vanity...

Wonderful Dad, you have made us today’s winners 
‘Xample you are to us, a champion , a hero of ‘xcellence
Your memory* lives in our hearts forever; yes, beyond eternity’s yon
Zealous are we to thank you, and we praise the Lord for your virtues’ zest.

*Proverbs 10:7 The memory of the just is blessed: but the name of the wicked shall rot.

Daddy Roberto passed away on January 2, 2019, as he was called to be with the Lord forever.  Dad, by the grace and power of the Lord, left us - his children and his grandchildren - with a great testimony of a blessed fulfilled life as a husband, father, brother, church member, community contributor; indeed a virtuous life-builder. 

December 10, 2019
ABC form with alliteration
6th place, "Memorial of a Loved One" Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Chantelle Anne Cooke; judged on 12/13/2019. 

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