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Variations On A Theme

Variations On A Theme...
of hodgepodge strewn helter skelter
wonky inviting reader to mentally swelter.

Ach'n (ache Ken and burn'n) 
kickstarting existential and proverbial struggle
me species classified as generic muggle
analogous to entertainer 
with namesake of yours truly
starring an out of world 
stellar performer who doth juggle
regarding mein kampf, 
who sports thrift store couture
NOT worn by Bellini, Paganini, Rossini...
Eeny Meany Miney Moe - si,
nor the three stooges tee hee hee
“woo-woo-woo!,” “soitenly!”

Punster mocker twill never cease 
silly swill syllabification 
meaning often twitching 
inane written trend
not intending reader to offend
of mine will never abide where verboten 
arbitrarily, indiscriminately, and understandably 
recklessly flaunting usage 
and re:noun sing gerund
only when...mortality brings life to an end
ike'n no longer defend,
and thankfully late mother of mine 
Riley's life she chose NOT 
in a million years to abend!

Thus...once again, ( per usual),
male gender nonconforming wordsmith derelict 
defies nothing but obscure alphabetic logic
opportunistically, indiscriminately, and digitally 
furiously cutting and pasting
discombobulated, disjointed, and displaced
outrageous images evoked
his invisible faux poetic mishmash pastiche
emulating emperor donning his new clothes
oblivious clothing apparel absent

despite stunned into silence observers 
himself sovereign paraded 
without being astute;
this poem iz also NOT a boot
ruminations visiting shortish nasty brute,
(he just learned how to walk 
erect this morning)
referencing who else except this ole coot
while (cue in dolorous, ludicrous, and tenebrous
melody issued from

Mose Arts magic flute)
of course this complete fallacy 
just smore hove my asinine 
baseless, fruitless, witless, et cetera
at das receiving end damned
lifetime role, and goot
raw end of deal, sans docks side of
moon efficient intervention
more offal than glute
tee us expulsion trumpeted;

Teachers never gave a hoot
or proper fitting space age jumpsuit,
thenceforth viper got ramrod
rigid taut as jute
as they appeared oblivious,
how moost all classmates did loot
when I travelled (with my cute Malamute
outsize prairie dog like fine home
companion) to the outer limits
of the twilight zone,

which groovy farout signals
detected by vodafone
and desperate plea made
for aliens to abduct me asap
(receiving an affirmative
digital binary tone)
similarly couched courtesy of publishers,
unlike the negative responses,
predictably forecast, no complex koan
but clear as day -

inducing a slight inward moan,
which figurative slap in face
finding yours supine prone,
hence...a recurring well known
fantasy regarding plucking
this chicken (198920) heart lee
moss see jagged rolling stone;
as iced (sic culled) hood
reaper remained mute
and scythe lent,

whereat serpent (also known
in political circles as
Sally Salamander Newt
Gingrich) charmed goaded,
and relentlessly needled
a dam Eve with snake hushed snoot,
and wreaked havoc as root
of all misfortunate previous
to man/woman kind existence,
at expense emotional account, viz

cheap trick super tramping suit
reviled, renounced, and recanted
fully "FAKE" pre fabric hated
discombobulated trumpeting ill suit
head prevarications – more
cheeky effects,  thus allowing, 
enabling, and providing
adapt tub bull usage as zoot suit.

Copyright © matthew harris