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Threshold of Memory

Stumble across the threshold of memory.
Into places unknown or unseen
Reviled only in deepest of sleep. 
Clutching a candle flame, revelation!
A silken wax flows as flames dance…
During a restless night…
Burning into darkest corners 
of deepest self
Covered in gossamer webs of thoughts 
Lay little block boxes unopened, unkept.
Poseing questions to a vacated crowd 
Rooms of Voids EMPIRE.
Rooms within rooms of thought and desire.
Lay hidden objects of history. 
Things of mystery.
Ornate misery.
Artifacts in motion like memories a burn! 
Posing pictures of people we know, love or hate.
Odd objects of infamy, 
Deeds best left undiscovered 
Nothing moves, not in light from falling flames.
Falling afar apart hitting upon nothing!
Passing the lost dry rages, 
Stumble the thoughts of ambient amber pages…
Wonder at the crumbling moments.
Of memory of feeling and used visions.
Clothed in falling light from flame, bright!
A blur of this unseen moment 
describe in a fiery flash.
Focuses the inner eye like a lens in reflex,
Touch the images.
Dust takes flight like antique ghosts
In the attic of the mind.
Stumbling across the threshold 
of imagery, the present, the future past.
As images freeze in frames 
Lit by my flame 
Alone candle burning bright 
Stumbles the presence of mind 
As the cold of winter embraces 
An candle flame held high
To light you inner mind.
To find your future to discover the past
To understand the now. 
And we stack little black boxes nine by nine
In the back of our mind 
Picking up the pieces of scattered imagery 
All dawn sharp in the fading flame 
Of a candle buring out fast.

Copyright © Jehiel Taylor