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Wave Of Fantasy

My volatile mind wanders in fanciful emptiness, 
floats on the flotilla of sunburst cloud’s recess, 
makes a fascinating painting of formless fantasy 
on the blank canvas in the museum of memory. 

The remains of unerased passion of assumption,
reflected from the mirror of childhood imagination,
entice me to take fantasy flight in the seamless sky,
I follow entranced the trail of the flitting butterfly. 

I drift in draft of reverie perched on its latticed wings, 
fluttering on the melody the whistling wind brings 
from the flamboyance of the fleeting rainbow hue, 
I find behind the mystic mist the beauty of life anew.

In sunrise sky suffused with the colors of daydream, 
my anguished mind soars to realm of radiance to gleam,
beyond halcyon horizon the aura of eternal bliss I see.   
I then imagine I can fly in the magical air of fantasy.

The flight takes me to childhood picturesque dreamland,
looped by sparkling river flowing like an ornate garland.
In childlike trance the mariner me sails paper boat happily,
that glides to the distant sea to dance on wave of fantasy. 


February 7, 2023
Contest : Wave Of Fantasy
Sponsored by : Mystic Rose Roae

Copyright © Subimal Sinha-Roy