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In Mexico

In Mexico there are no aliens with visas
If you listen carefully earthquakes whisper 
A carriage lumbers along on 3 square wheels
With sounds known only to God in His infinite wisdom
Plump women sing volcanic tunes to platonic old men
Leathery faces trace their lineage back through time

Struggling through dirt streets to church
Pot holiness causes the donkey to sink inside
The happy mule pulls the cart while humming
Minstrel songs in burro languages of long ago
Knowing there is a carrot at the end of the road

Volcanic Ash Wednesdays come with a cross
Once a year cemeteries come alive in November 
It must be the 1st.  as the marigolds are fragrant
Freshly cut flowers with aromas arrive
Day of the Dead is a colorful occasion
Picnics are fun for those above the daisies
Dancing on graves gets crazy

Copyright © Earl Schumacker