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Buddha speak

Here are some questions, dear poets on Poetry Soup. As we look in within, we may find answers we have been looking for, beyond narrow conditioning and dogmatic beliefs. There can be more than one ‘right answer’ and of course, we can always silently choose the invisible fifth option ‘none of the above’. Be that as it may, it suffices that we’re peeping into our soul.

Ramana had queried ‘Who am I?’

a) we are this body identity
b) we are the thoughts streaming through us
c) we are a subset of a race or religious order
d) we are eternal living light, encased in five sheaths

What is the noumena wherefrom arises phenomena?

a) an unknown God said to be omnipresent 
b) the word, as said in John 1.1
c) the cosmic egg, Hirayangarbha 
d) there are no ‘others’; we are in a lucid dream

Given that God is omnipresent, He must be within. Where is He hiding?

a) in the cave of our heart as love
b) within the region of head as awareness
c) at our navel, radiating power
d) as our breath, heartbeat and magnetism enabling life

What does God look like?

a) Jesus. He must be Jesus only and no other
b) The holy trinity representing love, wisdom and power
c) Space and time entwined ~ the eternal witness
d) Soft white, all pervading living light

What lies beyond death?

a) the heavens we have been told about
b) nothing. We are extinguished.
c) the astral and casual realms
d) there is no death. Body dies, we, as soul, live on

What is Turiya, the fourth state?

a) we know only of waking, dreaming and deep sleep
b) it is the unchanging screen of awareness
c) a singularity defying delineation
d) silence and stillness ~ eye of the hurricane 

What is the Kundalini or Chi or Holy Spirit?

a) there is no such thing
b) it is the Divine Mother, kinetic aspect of God’s energy
c) don’t ask please. This question offends my beliefs
d) the three terms of the question are not interchangeable

If all be one, why does everything seem dualistic?

a) dance of polarities in the womb of existence
b) veil of maya
c) creation of thought
d) well, it is dual. We are each a separate entity.

Hope you enjoyed!


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