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my brother

this i dedicate to all preaching tribalism and any vice that can cause bloodshed

I do not understand, why you weep,
Where is the lost courage my brother?
Who has stolen confidence from you?
For what reason do you run yielding revenge?
Is blood not thicker than water my brother?
Seek and you will find, but do not act before thinking,
The human nature is this evil; it loves violence and war,
But that does not define you,  you define yourself,
Peace is variable than wealth so is love
Why hate your friend, when celebrating another man`s victory and dream in power,
Why envy your tribe yet the battle is long gone,
Who are you fighting and why is the cause of war,
Is peace not the only coin that love bleeds as pocket friendly advice of time?
See the genocide in the middle and learn from the North,
What have they achieved my brother,
The ground is drunk yet you want to spill more blood,
Time has come and the war is long gone
Why fight for freedom yet you are free
Is feeding your family not your responsibility my brother,
Why neglect your duties in the name of ethnicity
Time flies but peace remains written on your forehead
 Let germinate LOVE for war is expensive

#chui munga the poet
#made from Africa

Copyright © chui munga