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Al and Peg Bundy

Why don’t you get in the kitchen Peg and stick your head in the oven?
Peg rolls her eyes, wishing she had stayed in safety of her witch’s coven.  

Al, if I put anything in the oven, it will be your head, not mine.
She said, with a sweetness that made her Chicago accent sublime.

Yes, the sparring has begun because these two are married and awake. 
Kelly and Bud are not downstairs yet, couple’s snide remarks no mistake.

There is nothing healthy to eat in the kitchen maybe a bit of lemon or lime.
For to shop for groceries would take Peg away from clothes shopping time.

Al is sitting in front of the TV, his stomach growling for some kind of food.
He is thinking things about Peg, his wife, and most of these things are rude.

Their banter is hilarious to watch on TV, fun to watch, gives us a laugh.
The eighties was when rudeness on the screen was a sought after giraffe.

Here come Kelly and Bud to add more sarcastic comments to the screen.
For some reason or another, this is when mean became a lot less obscene.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger