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People Talk

Kristin says he wasn’t good enough for me. 
Kristin tells Andrew she loves him in front of me. 
Kristin wishes Andrew was more thoughtful. 
Kristin says nobody is ever enough, anyways.

Katie says I can do better. 
Katie says Jackson is perfect for her.
Katie likes to fix things: 
problems with no solution. 

Anna doesn’t care about anything. Anna says I need to let go. 
My friends from home agree, say it’s time to forget. 
Kathryn says I need to love myself first. But
Kathryn says love isn’t real.
Lane says it’s going to be okay. I say it’s not. 
Christy and Julie and Ansley and Bailey say nothing.
Carson says I talk about him too much. 
Carson says I talk too much. 

Everyone wants to tell me something
of their own but I just want 
somebody to admit to me 
the capital T 

That some small part of me 
will always be the child 
who cried on the first day of kindergarten
then pressed her white oval nose
tight to the car window
as she rounded out of the carpool lane. 
The child who begged for more
when life promised it would hurt me.

Copyright © Kathleen Austin