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Daisy has a secret

Being a child 
Innocent to the world 
Waiting for ice cream 
Vanilla , sprinkles, triple swirls 
Just a flashback on feelings for you girl 
I notice every detail
You are the perfect female 
The service we received at our date was gracious 
everyday your attire is immaculate
I’m grateful to see your face 
Tell me how your day has been  
Grapes after ashes from several leafs 
Time flew pass us 
Testing the mental capacity 
Of our love
This bond I trust 
My funds are invested 
The sun is resting 
And all I can think about Is you 

Grow with me as we plant seeds in a fruitful relationship 
I wanna cater to you 
Bait you in
A unique catch 
The Mermaid is one unique fish 
Dishes are made and washed 
Once again time stopped 

The L word exist in my mind everytime  I see you sleep
I stare at you every moment we have it’s difficult to speak 
If I was grateful you wouldn’t see my full potential 
just my peak 
I appreciate the air you breath with me 
Watching movies that’s suspenseful 

You brighten my day 
Perfect shade of the sun
The height of my day
Is us decompressing as 1

Check me 
Correct me 
I’m narcissistic 
You so gifted 
Fixed the dinner 
Less argumentative 

I need you because you help me heal 
Feelings real
Jury signed the deal
That’s 6 people on both sides
My friends and your friends 
Know we both bond

Mafia ties
I appreciate you nautica
I was doing fraud but never was fraud with your potential 
They applauding us

Who ever not happy is a naughty son of a gun
Roses and fruit 
I’m growing with you
How old is the moon

So soon I will announce my L word
I can spell first before I say it 
I’m lost for words 
I just watched the movie Jason 
I got cold feet 
I’m both in with you baby 

I can’t swim but this an opportunity 
Trust betrayed me 
But love has never ruined me 

Max potential 
Insecurities deletes itself in the 
Absence of pure

You are one pice of art

Copyright © Keorie McMillan