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The Guv'ment Wants To Change My Name

Unruly rabble demolished statues of General Robert Lee.

Now, the politically correct clique is a-comin' after me!

My name is Robert Lee as well and 'twas so inopportune,

That I be associated with the General, my name to so impugn!

The mob wants to eradicate anything to do with General Lee,

Includin' his namesake little old insignificant me!

Besides all of that I'm a Yankee born in the Hoosier state,

And had nothin' to do with the Rebel Cause I'm happy to relate!

So any of you fellers named Stonewall Jackson or John Bell Hood,

Hunker down 'cause a request to change yer name is a likelihood!

Robert Lee (Hinshaw)

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw