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Mirror Mirror

Mirror , Mirror

On the wall 

Looking back 

Upon reflection 

Thank you for being brutally honest
and in doing so pointing out the patently obvious starring back at me

That in this case I am not indeed
the victim

But rather what I am in fact is the 
actual perpetrator serial offender 

And but again at very least I already

A face befitting my endless list of 

To encapsulate and match my 
mugshots in oh so many 
devilishly evil ways

I should in future be the archetypal
Bogeyman poster boy or child for 
generations to come

Parents are then able to use to scare 
their children 

If and when they plain flat out refuse 
say for example

Give back chat won't go to bed brush
teeth eat green's or do set predisctibe
school homework 

And if that don't work or scare them
enough then at least they will be
somewhat prepared and won't be

When 1 day they 2 end up getting
caught and may meet and come face 
to face with me

And they become an inmate just like
me corralled inside 4 prison wall's where
everyone and everyone is the bogeyman

And the mirror's are all cracked so
the shard's can be used as weapon's

Or to see who is sneaking up on you

Copyright © Christopher Flaherty