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Finding The New World Order

Colorful bombs light up the sky 
Honoring the day America said goodbye 
Like a Father letting go to his daughter 
Freedom was the groom on the other side of the water 
An investment in searching the unknown 
Ship sailing centuries setting an egotistical tone 
Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria were together 
As per Spanish- Italian royal contract agreement letter 
From the banks who put up the money to make humankind better
No one dropped off the earth 
Only discovering a new land and giving birth 
Risking lives 
In studying the native active hive 
Maybe taunting them when they arrived 
Soon exploring took control 
Europeans acting very bold 
Surviving the warmth and the cold 
Intellect stepped in 
Too smart at home deciding to escape their sin 
Accepting to start something new 
Sparking guerrilla warfare style feuds 
A civil ending 
Breeding the national anthem in the defending 
Soon a quick mending 
South then separated from the north 
Country was trying to go forth 
Being a mixing pot 
Everybody who wanted giving a shot 
World proclaimed US a super power 
Idea goes to our heads blooming like a flower 
Two international wars and police actions 
Tested the technology driven generated military attraction 
Today there is an invisible enemy 
Challenging trust from the buck to the penny 
Silencing the sporting life 
Entertaining spectacle that played like a fife 
Waiting and hoping recreational gaming finds its social contribution 
Subtly dealing with anger issues as a solution
Canned fans now make a sound 
Probably the excuse television executives found 
Reflection can be made 
On the athletic trade 
Concluding with reason 
For every year having a season 

Copyright © Marc O'Brien