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Two Out Of This World Friends

The yellow and blue ground,                                                                            has orange trees that are round.                                                              
Zip-zip my best sparkle friend,                                                                  
her outfit of diamonds and ruby blend.                                                
Walking down the stone road,                                                                   
she would beep out a secret code.                                                                
My other friend peep-peep,                                                                  
always wants to sleep.                                                                             
The air is pink and thick,                                                                               it makes many here sick.                                                                       
What a place is this,                                                                               sour not like a sweet candy kiss.                                                                     I am hungry what do I eat,                                                                     now serving purple one eyed feet.                                                          How do I get out of this dome,                                                                         I really just want to go home.                                                                 With a very loud ringing,                                                                                I awoke with my radio singing.                                                                     
now I can stop screaming,                                                                           
oh my I was just dreaming.
Date Written: 12/1/2020                                                                                                                                            Word Count # 116

Copyright © Paula Goldsmith