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Put Out Doubt

I am bound in the chambers of doubt
I want to run His ever-redeeming Route
Believing in You is getting more difficult, so difficult
Faith in You has been disappearing…and it’s my fault

I must trek these mountainous tribulations or I’ll be in dire trouble – life's made with several up and down decisions, leading to either hopeful happiness, tarnishing tensions or shameful sadness that lead to irritation or endurance-exalted elations 

When I open my eyes to Your holy hill,
I want to cry my heart out to You still
I need someone to hear me out somehow
I want to die sometimes, yet be alive anyhow

I must seek first the Kingdom before doubts' interactions
Honestly, I am astonished that my condolences lacked passions
My compassionate gladness has melted to misfortunate attractions
Bound in the chains of doubt and I can’t unleash myself…except through repentance-intended actions

Disappear from me, fear in my heart…
It is tearing me to shreds from the start
Cheer me on when I’m dancing merrily on stage with peace and rage
In this stage of reality and strife will meet its fatality on another page

I am bound to have hope and can’t get enough
Of the trials I face on a daily basis, it gets rough
Anxiety and angst inside keep me nervous and alone
I need to dream away these sorrows till all is gone

I will put the blame on me for being manic 
Ashamed because I don’t mean what I say all day
I will grow on like a tranquility-twisting tree
I will be happy-go-lucky like dolphins at sea

Remember, the doubt I'm almost always ensnared with
Will be but a dismissed, irrelevant, ridiculous myth
God's Holy Spirit will see me through the pain and hardship
I will see to it that passionate prosperity will be my next trip 

I will break the barrier of breaking-down battles, for I’ve put up with enough conflicts, quarrels, dissentions and confrontations alike…can’t stand and figure out the frustrations and its lamenting, squandering, squalid sensations – quit the squabbling, flabbergasting disagreements and uncalled-for, abhorred condemnations 

It’s a fire of evil fervor…its sole purpose is to kill the thrill we have in life, now a knife-slitting strife, butchering me with blasphemy asunder, a molded butter spilled into the grungy gutter
Manifesting into awfully resentful. fretful vanity and flaming, yet freezing agony so sinister…it’s like a pain that engrains in me and festers from way under that serves to harm one another

Do us all a mighty huge favor, future-of-solace-despiser –
Put out doubt or end up a faithless, believer betrayer… 
You will mend and you will also completely comprehend a simple breeze of purely blessed blend
Even if you meet your end, don’t believe it’s too late and you give up the garden of grace you tend 
Surrender to serenity's smooth storm of surreal satisfaction
You would be on His route with no doubt-swerving distraction 

If you would put out
That despicable doubt
Replace it with joy,
Faith-barren boy...

It’s hollow and aimless
When you feel distress 
Were you abandoned and hope-free?
Stay with me and I will massage away the anxiety 

If you'd only put out doubt
Just do what you need to do – halt!
If not, I’m out and won’t pout
This time, it wouldn’t be my fault

Hard to say, but true
Doubting is a drought that is lacking in nice nutrients abloom 
Easy to say, who knew
Our doubts would soon bloom to faith after this evenings' gloom
Not just put away...

Copyright © JW Earnings