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Innocent Gunplay

Please don’t blame the automatic weapon
that synagogue killed me, tragically,
the other day
The hands which held it
are Second Amendment clean — 
Gunpowder washed in crimson water
of dogma purity

I was just the latest recipient
of an over-the-counter, scarlet backorder
Which came with a limited scope range
death warranty: Multiple kill shot guaranteed

So pistol please, don’t fire scattered aspersions
at the sacred bear arms ground of innocent gunplay
Judgmental splattered tones
always try to open fire and spit spray fault  
in a bullet hale of invective trigger rain
To cover misconstrued issues 
over fresh, bystander corpse bloodstains

It’s just eulogy plain dirt wrong,
to give credence to indignant moans
berating innocent gunplay

I wish somebody six-feet above
could control 
this outrageous, gun burst cry of 
emotional criticism

Knee jerks got no ex-caliber love —
Glamorous magazine 
affinity for kinetic pellets thereof

Bear arms pawns like me want more 
Camelot night undertakers,
wearing grizzly gravedigger gloves

My only tear grievous cardinal sin,
(of fearful last rites)
was that I wasn’t gat blast packing
to give a gun battle fight

I was just good target practice
for some gun-toting holster devotee

Us untimely death mismatches 
got smoking barrel burned
On this, we can collaterally all agree

That poor, inanimate weapon
was simply an unsuspecting vessel,
used in a grisly altar sacrifice

Ricochet oath bound
to help a hot metal head 
exercise their inalienable right
to take a life

Don’t muzzle blame that clean weaponry please ...
or the washed Pilate hand 
that calmly palm pulled the deadly squeeze

This is just the roulette wheel price
which every American Idle breathing body
gotta rolling barrel, lottery chance take

Winners get their engraved names 
obit posted,
without any undue process  
yellow tape delay

And this I must say
with deadly seriousness — 
We of the speeding spherical fallen,
slain by the blessed cray cray ... 
be fatal fatality souls 
Those bullet-hailed as revered victims 
of the hated, innocent gunplay

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr.