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That was then, this is now

This was then, in an old pile, a letter I found, 
Among objects, its whisper profound.
Faded ink, thoughts enduring,
Emotions, love, timeless, all assuring.

First love's note, cherished by my wife,
Promises bright, beyond life's strife.
Lost vows questioned, emotions stirred,
"Why keep false love's faded word?"

Blushing smile, her truth unfurled,
Your vow, though improvised, my world.
In this paper's embrace, love renewed,
Gratitude bound, our eternal mood.

This is now, email and texting has taken over, 
I get so many fake love letters over and over, 
Sometime an old love will text me, 
Btw idk if still ily? U wre my og, 
Nvm’m smh, hmu asap, 
No cap, tbh ily. 

(Text translation:  
By the way, I don’t know, if I still love you? 
You were my original gangster(lover),  
Never mind, shaking my head, Hit me up as soon as possible, 
Truthfully, to be honest, I love you) 


Copyright © Jay Narain


Book: Shattered Sighs