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Protective before a detective

“Not sure of being familiar 
With Washed-Ashore Emilia,
Neither saw The Cadillac 
Not The Woman in Lilac,
Whom they’d decided to waste,
Stripping her down to the waist”.

Oh! How my two ears did burn
And my quiescent belly churn
And I stopped seeing Keats Urn
When the cops said “It’s my turn
To down sit for questioning”
And me was positioning,
Their routine activity
That made my captivity …

I would say quite Dramatic: 
Experiences Traumatic; 
All the time Protective
Before Smart-Eyed Detective
“Lots of pity, Emilia
But to her not familiar” …

Later, I learnt ‘Candidate’
With her rear’s ‘Up-to-date’
To neatly win The Loyalty
Of even The Royalty.

Copyright © Chinedum Ekwobi