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(commentary on the January 6, 2021 capitol invasion)
By Franklin Price

Many have gone overboard, as we sail the ship of state
What Donald Trump did on the sixth, was far from being great
I'm not convinced, the reason why, was somewhat justified
I'm not convinced the vote was fair, and honesty defied

For whatever reason, lower courts denied it all
The Supreme Court would not hear it, would not be dancing at the ball
Those were the legal avenues that Trump could travel down
That's when he should have stopped himself, and gotten out of town

His ego would not let him, I'm not sure he wasn't right
Should not have gone to the mall, to encourage future fight
His speech encouraged protest,  Juliani's more defined;
Told the crowd, we needed combat, he encouraged riot minds.

To understand what happened, we must return to sweet sixteen
When Donald was elected, through the Constitution's College scene
The Democrats immediately, worked on ways to get him out
Was put there by our nation's dregs, was the progressive scream and shout

Trump not the establishment, had not paid his beltway dues
He was known for the Apprentice and his often slanted views
Spoke of We the People and our patriotic way
That is not the game, in Washington, that old insiders play

They don't care about the people, after all, what could they know?
Began talks of impeachment, of that outside so and so
Prior to inauguration they had started up the ride
For a four year roller coaster, controlled by those who were inside

Tried to block,  at very turn, everything that Trump proposed
After all he was not one of them, and his actions should be hosed
Had no backing from the democrats, most Republicans were slim
They voted, against the democrats, not to have their voice with him.

Trump couldn't stand the opposition, he tweeted more than lots of trash
Pointed out that many democrats, were only in it for the cash
They didn't care about the people, that was not for Trump to say
There was nothing that they would not do to put his ass away

Finally, impeaching him, not only once but twice
With the second,only ten days left, they had to roll the dice
Got him for sedition, for encouraging the crowd,
When, for four years, for democrats, sedition was allowed.

If you agree with what I've said, don't grab your knife or gun
The next election's in two years, that's how this county's run
If you don't like what happened, and think we need to rearrange
Do it all within the law, vote then to make a change.

Copyright © Franklin Price