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Then And Now

Once there was a time (of course, not so long),
I was, in body and mind, not so strong;
Any death, as though it's my own, scared me,
Mishaps and blood I couldn't dare to see...!

Then, when I saw while slowly growing up,
Kith and kin from the cup of death did sup; 
Though, sorrow brim-filled, for days I cried, wept,
The thickness turned like snow by soft sun swept...!

Money and mundane luxuries, further, 
Pulled me far from realities, rather; 
Death seems to me now as though a routine,  
Like drinking tea or normal morning clean...!!!

I philosophize death, theologize,
Moralize  today; spiritualize;
Exhibit explicit crocodile tears,
Isn't my conscience, yet, simply on airs...?

03 January 2023
Then and now Poetry Contest
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Copyright © Christuraj Alex