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If It Was Not Bad Enough


Now If It was not bad enough popping your clogs
As the years go by they want to dig you up again
The nearer to the coffin, you can hear the knocks
Suddenly gone; are my all rightly rights to remain

I paid for this plot with my own hard earned cash
With the strict instructions that I remain in peace
As on my coffin they’re giving it an untimely bash
With no regard what-so-ever, to my eternal lease

My grave for a car park, hell, they need the space
My view of the yew trees, as now no longer there
Now moved in a council cemetery such a disgrace
And all of my bones mishandled without due care

I am now facing north instead of the sunny south
Far too near to a busy road, with all of that noise
And as to my grave stone, that I am now without
The lawn mower now cuts over me, it just annoys

All my days of peacefulness have drawn to an end
And not even chance of a refund on my other plot
Here for eternity; a disruptive life, I will now spend
In this sodden earth, I remain now eternally to rot

Had I known better, I'd have got buried elsewhere
In a grand mausolem, somewhere high upon a hill
Out in the country side, with more space to spare
Where I would remain peacefully as so was my will

Indiana Shaw . . .

"Mind, King Richard III had it so much worse, they
just left him underneath the car park" . . . : /

Copyright © Indiana Shaw