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one universal consciousness of pigs only

an image of idiocy preceding indifference

"an Intelligence Rational necessarily precedes an Empathy Ethical."
                                --a Logical Truth so elementary anybody gets it,
                                   save a supremacist--or a "supernatural" supremacist
                                   "supreme being"  

"beyond all Intelligent doubt, no proof supports the existence of a non-
 physical 'mind'--a Truth the majority of folks unfortunately fail to grasp
 in being mindless."
                        --an evolved physical Brain   

"a large number of humans delight in imagining one universal consciousness
 of minds and hearts happily eating pork rinds."                                                
                                     --one non speciesist of a Rationally Ethical "mind"--
                                        merely a metaphor meaning "one smart badass"   

*   *   *

a nearly 
consciousness of minds
continuum of hearts
yet sh*tting out
their cosmic-size behinds
a universal tail
of pork-rind farts

*   *   *

please note: the deeply apologetic bard unable to hunt down a photograph of the cosmic-size asses lovingly united by enlightment while sh*tting out a tale of farts from collectively having stuffed down the skin of a conscious, feeling being merely a pig once tortured in a concentration camp among its own species' feces

a dedication of Respect
the Pain of the vulnerable beast
yet suffering at the hands of the genocidal bigot
the spitting image of his imagined "god"  
swallowing innocence whole

.   .   .

a helios rhyme
May 23, 2022 -- the universal slaughterhouse open as usual 
                        for a baloney poetry contest
.   .   .

"unity consciousness" poetry contest
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Copyright © James Starkey III